10 Facebook problems solved for better use

facebook problems Continuous use of Facebook can become terribly boring if you do not correct some of the problems that affect Zuckerberg’s social network, made up of hoax news, hasty sharing, like without looking, low-quality memes, annoying posts and even hidden application/site controls which are not always easy to understand.
In this guide, we collect the most important solutions and to be applied immediately to solve the problems that Facebook seems to overlook, which makes it much less fun than it should be and adjust its operation.READ ALSO: Hidden features to use Facebook from experts

1) Stop reading the posts that are bothering us

If we have a friend who makes too many political posts, who is fixed with a certain topic that we are not really interested in, which is against some orientation and publishes intolerant news, here it is perhaps convenient to turn them off and make them disappear.
Since removing friendship is always rudeness, instead of letting the friend know that we do not want to know what he is writing, we can stop following it easily.
To stop following someone, just visit the profile page, click the button Follow already and then on Don’t follow anymore.
Now you will no longer need to get upset about that person’s posts, but we will still be friends and visit his timeline at any time.
Keep in mind that Facebook has recently been able to hide someone’s posts for 30 days, temporarily.

2) View important friends first

While friends with posts that we don’t like can hide them, those we don’t want to lose anything we can place them at the head of the news stream.
Facebook’s changing algorithms are so special that we might never read anything from a friend even if we would like to.
To solve this problem, you can press the button Follow already which is on your profile and then click on Show first.
If we really wanted to lose nothing, then we can receive notifications whenever this friend publishes
To do this, press the button Friends always on the cover of the profile and click on Receive notifications.

3) Avoid personalized advertisements

Facebook, to make as much money as possible with advertising, records every user’s preference and click to display more relevant ads.
To disable these custom announcements and stop being monitored, you must press the Settings button at the top right and then on Advertisements, deactivating the settings of the adverts, saying NO to the first two and putting up Nobody to the third.

4) Avoid sharing posts with everyone

Let photos and words posted on Facebook be read by anyone, even those who don’t know us, it only makes sense if it is business or personal promotional activities, otherwise, it is absolutely not recommended.
It is therefore important, every time something is published, to check that the visibility is not public but only for the Friends.
If we have too many unknown friends, then it’s a good idea to create a list of close friends, excluding acquaintances from sharing.

5) Check the tags on the photos

What happens if a friend tags us in his picture we don’t like or we got hurt?
You can’t prevent Facebook from sharing a friend, but you can make sure that this photo is not visible in our diary and on the home of our friends.
To protect yourself from the Facebook tags, you must open the Settings of Facebook, to the section Diary and Tag addition, putting the options on SI Do you want to check posts? is Do you want to check the tags?.
In the future, when it becomes available (and if it will be in Italy), it will also be worthwhile disabling the option Who sees tag suggestions when you upload photos that look like you?.

6) Block automatic video playback

Nobody likes the videos that are played, they don’t appear on the screen, especially if they have active audio and if you’re using a connection to consumption.
We have seen how to disable the automatic playback of Facebook video and audio on smartphones and PCs, where you just have to open the Settings to the card Video.

7) Block invitations to use annoying apps, to events

Facebook is also a platform of games, which automatically send invitations to play, but it is possible
These invitations can be blocked by Settings, to the section Block and write the name of the apps you no longer want to see or of people from whom we no longer wish to receive invitations to events.
Wanting, in the tab Settings> App, it is possible to block the application platform entirely, including plugins on websites, and deactivate Facebook applications, requests, and invitations forever.

8) Change the Facebook interface to your liking

Using some extensions it is possible to modify, on your PC, the interface of the Facebook site to highlight the most interesting parts.
Among the extensions to improve Facebook, the best is definitely Social Fixer which allows you to customize everything on the site, as we like best.

9) Protect your Facebook account from external access

One thing that is certainly difficult on Facebook is to secure the account because it requires you to apply measures that are not obvious and not automatic.
In this regard, it is recommended to read the guide to protect Facebook with security settings

10) Don’t appear online in Facebook chat and on the Messenger

In order not to be online on Facebook chat all the time, you can log out of the Messenger.
To know how to refer back to the guide to be invisible on Facebook and appear offline in chat for all or only some.

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