10 of the most extraordinary websites, visually beautiful to see and navigate from the browser of PC, smartphone, and tablet.

beautiful interactive sites
Websites are not just social networks and blogs, there are also real masterpieces, impressive and extraordinary works of art that are the result of the work of very good and imaginative developers. Creating websites with visual or interactive storytelling is a great challenge for developers because it is necessary to excel in design without penalizing the usability of the site.
In general, these are websites that promote a product or that demonstrate the potential of certain web technologies. For the most part, the story, made up of very high-quality images and graphics, can be scrolled using the mouse or keyboard.
In this article, I try to list 10 of the most extraordinary websites that are visually beautiful to see and navigate, on PC, smartphone and tablet.READ ALSO: Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications

1) Redefinethelimits is a Canon site that interactively displays the quality of photographs taken with its cameras. The site opens with the view of the Earth and the possibility to choose the place where interesting photos were taken to look at. For each environment, there is a story told and the possibility to immerse yourself in the images in an interactive way.

2) Intothestorm is the site of the US Air Force that offers an interactive experience with beautiful graphics and a realistic simulation that becomes a game in which to carry out some of the most important rescue missions completed in the past years.

3) Armadillo is a sensory experience, with slow and relaxing music, images of interactive walks, to look at as well as to listen to.

4) Blobmixer is a 3D site where you can create your own blog, a soft and sticky ball with many colors.

5) AirforceEcho is another US Air Force game focused on reflexes and vision. It is a truly immersive, 3D game that feels like stepping into artificial intelligence.

6) Marseille is a 3D reconstruction of the city of Marseille, where you can explore the main points of tourist interest in an interactive way.

7) Look at the sky, is an interactive video where you can move and draw lines in the sky and in different animated environments, also following listening to music.

8) Hands is the 3D game of the Chinese Morra, to be played with a friend remotely and with the webcam. You can play with your hands as if you were one in front of the other.

9) Medal Of Honor is the presentation site of the war shooter game, where you can explore and play a campaign.

10) Umami land is an interactive site to discover Japanese cuisine, created in collaboration with Google, very fun as well as useful to use.

These are just some of the best interactive animated sites in HTML5, the most beautiful.
To discover new ones you can surf on The FWA and Awwwards.com which every day select a website for the contest for the best website of the year.


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