10 Ways to Save on Technology Purchases

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Fans of technology, information technology and telephony can spend a lot of money to stay up to date with the times. For this reason, most geeks try to save as much as possible and have everything they need to pursue their hobby without spending all their salary, while maintaining the high quality of the products they buy.In the following guide we will find all the valid advice for truly save on technology purchases. The advice is valid for practically any hi-tech purchase on any platform (shops, malls or e-commerce sites): ranging from phones to computers, tablets and the most requested technological accessories at the moment.

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1) Avoid warranty extensions

Whenever you go to the mall to buy a tech item, no matter how big or small, the clerk will likely ask you to purchase the extended warranty or other forms of insurance against theft and particular damage not covered by the normal warranty. These costs increase the overall expense for the product and are not always worth it.

Of course, a particularly distracted consumer who has a tendency to break things up quickly might be better, but if not, it is almost never convenient. This is because some technological objects get old quite quickly and after a few years they will already need to be replaced (such as video cards and smartphones).

Other types of electronic devices or components, on the other hand, are very resistant and break with difficulty (such as the computer monitor), not to mention that the guarantee in general of electronic objects is always problematic, with long waits for repairs and a thousand clauses that can invalidate it as nothing.

Probably the only warranty extension worth considering is AppleCare +, i.e. the repair or replacement service for Apple devices; with this warranty extension we can benefit from two accidental damage interventions every 12 months, each at an additional cost of € 29 (for damage to the display or rear glass) or € 99 (for other damage); it also covers the cost of replacing batteries that retain less than 80% of their original capacity.

2) Take out a SIM subscription with phone included

By now all mobile operators offer SIM subscription contracts with new generation telephone included. By taking advantage of this type of promotion, it is often possible to obtain an apparent and excellent discount by signing a new fixed-fee contract.

If we want to change phones very often we can therefore consider this type of subscription, where the phone is sold in installments (to be discounted in at least 2 tied years) or where it is possible to change rented phones every year (for more expensive subscriptions).

In this regard, it is always advisable to keep hidden expenses under control, as also seen in our guide to Costs and limits of mobile internet subscriptions in Italy.

3) Avoid expensive accessories

When you buy a piece of technology you are paying a high price for the brand name we have chosen, as in the case of Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi. I’m not just talking about smartphones but also about objects and widely used accessories from geeks such as HDMI cables, USB charging cables, USB sticks or chargers; these objects they can be very expensive only because there is a bitten apple as a logo or because they are produced directly by the manufacturer of the chosen device.

For accessories it is almost always worthwhile focus on accessories produced by other brandsoften supplied at lower costs but with all the credentials to work properly when used on our phone or on the original device.

In this regard, we invite you to read our guide on best multiple chargers and on USB cables suitable for all phones.

4) Buy refurbished products

If we are looking for a very expensive new electronic device with at least a year of life behind it we can consider refurbished products, that is the devices used and put back in a condition to work as well as if they were new. An example of refurbished technological products can be found in the Amazon store or in the Apple store.

To learn more we can also read our guides on how to buy refurbished come on where to find used and refurbished iPhones.

5) Use discounts and vouchers

To buy new electronic devices we can take advantage of specific discounts for certain categories of people. Currently one of the easiest ways to buy technology products with a strong discount involves the use of the teacher’s card, but in the past there were also cards for students and discounts for those who had turned 18 or wanted to buy a computer and had at least 60 years.

Alternatively we can always visit the discount sites and codes to printwhere we also find technology products at lower prices than normal.

Also, when you go to buy something, you can’t help but take a look at it flyers from shopping centers, often full of offers.

6) Monitor products pending discounts

Like all things, technology prices fluctuate all year round; depending on what you are buying, there may be a particular period when these prices go down. To monitor the drop in prices on Amazon we can rely on a free extension like Keep a available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

By logging in with a free Keepa account we can monitor any electronic device sold on Amazon set a spending limit and, as soon as the item falls below this threshold, be notified via email, via browser notifications or via Telegram, so as to buy it only at the desired price.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to track items on Amazon and get notified.

7) Sell on a regular basis

Those who always want to buy the latest model of smartphone or tablet must still spend something, selling the model purchased only a year earlier. This is one of the most used practices in Italy: those who want to buy the latest model sells the penultimate one that they bought even 12 months earlier, often generating a loss reduced to only € 200 or € 300 per year (the difference between the money made from the used device and the money to be added to it to buy the new one).

This practice is especially useful with iPhones and iPads, which devalue very little in 12 months and it is possible to resell them practically as new, thus obtaining almost the entire sum necessary to buy the latest model produced by Apple. Android smartphones and tablets do not lend themselves very well to this practice, as they lose more than 50% of their value after only one year of being released on the market.

This practice is undoubtedly challenging and not exactly cheap, but it is also the only way to always have the latest technology available on the market without buying a new device at full price every time.

8) Change the old devices

A great way to save is to try to get the most out of the product you have (from your computer, tablet or mobile phone etc.) so that you can get the same new features that have been implemented on the new model.

For example, you can do a computer processor or video card overclocking to make it more powerful or change ROM on android, putting a more up-to-date one. To learn more we can read our guides to best overclocking programs come on how to install LineageOS on android phones.

9) Always check prices online

Before buying a new technology product, it is worth checking the prices on the internet at sites like Amazon. In previous articles we have already reported sites for find the best laptop and for compare phones and smartphones and find the best one.

Prices are usually lower online or it is possible take advantage of specific advertising windows (Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday) to buy electronic and trendy devices at a lower price than in shops and malls.

10) Pay attention to marketing

Producers who every day seem to come up with who knows what innovative technology. Sometimes you buy a new PC or a new mobile phone because the old one no longer works well, but other times you change only for the pleasure of buying the newest modelwhich has the best screen when watching HD movies or which has the slightly more powerful processor.

Let’s not be duped by aggressive advertising and we carefully choose the products we really want to buy, buying only the devices we need to replace those that are broken or too old (at least 3 years).


With this handbook of advice we can really save money on technology purchases, avoiding to throw ourselves headlong into the offers of the shops. To avoid spending all our salary on technological products, we really choose what we need and what we want to try, making the most of the offers, discounts and lightning offers.

In this regard we can also read our guides on where to find discounts on Amazon and products at a minimum price come on how to find out about real Amazon offers.

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