12 best interactive animated sites in HTML5, the most beautiful

The most beautiful sites, animated in HTML5 with interactive movies, games, and fun applications to see.

interactive sites The sites on this list really represent the top of the top, they are mostly experiments that are born with the aim of demonstrating the potential of HTML5 in making sites with animations and interactivity. They are some of the best on the internet but certainly not the most useful. These are mainly animated and interactive sites that have more than anything else a demonstration purpose and, in some cases, promotional purposes for companies or products.
However, the fact remains that they are gods must-see websites, both because they are made by taking to the maximum modern technologies of the HTML5 web and because they are pure entertainment applications that will really leave you speechless in their potential. Most of these sites are interactive so it can be a game, an immersive video, an artistic experiment, or a site whose navigation has no menus or buttons but where you can move as if you were inside.
Let’s see then, one by one, the 15 most beautiful and best sites in HTML5 all on one page.READ ALSO: Most beautiful and innovative online games with the best and unique graphics

To visit these sites it is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox or Edge.

1) The Rational Keyboard is an HTML5 keyboard that includes a harmonic melody and gives the user the ability to play by pressing keys that move smoothly across the screen.

2) Three Dreams of Black it’s an interactive movie, this time animated with drawings. On the website www.ro.me you can move the mouse in a truly exciting virtual journey and the scenery changes according to the direction you take in exploring a fantasy world for a unique experience of its kind. This site is in HTML5 so it is lighter and faster to load. The musical accompaniment is also very nice.

3) Kodeclubs is the presentation site of a truly amazing golf club. You move with a customizable blob-shaped avatar inside the club to explore it on foot, moving like in a video game. There are also mini-games inside that can be activated in the various training fields of the club: football, golf, swimming pool, tennis, basketball, and much more.

4) Fluid Reef is a very artistic musical animation with moving 3D shapes that can be viewed from different angles using the mouse and that can be shaken by holding down the left mouse button.

5) Dejavu is a site that we could define surrealist: you can upload your frontal photo or a snapshot from your PC webcam to see your face move to the rhythm of the music, rotating in a psychedelic environment a bit disturbing, but certainly interesting and with great quality of the image.

6) Huluween is the top site on this list for me, a truly incredible scary site, which immerses us, with a subjective view, in a kind of horror film. The site recommends using headphones and turning on the webcam for a more immersive and scary experience. Really fantastic both as sounds and as graphics and choice of animations.

7) The Wilderness Downtown of Arcade Fire is an interactive video in HTML5 where Visitors are asked to enter their home address. The site, using Google Earth, creates a personalized music video that takes the user on a foot race to return home. The video will open various windows that show the various points of view of the way home.

8) Mistery Hunter it’s a music video in HTML5 which you can mix interactively using the bar on the keyboard. There are two videos that mix, one from the present and one from the past to use to find the clues (indicated by the video) and understand what happened and who caused the death of some people. It is a really nice video, even with music that is heard.

9) WakeUp is a nice demonstration site of a web agency, where the visitor plays to wake up the sleeping site using sounds, ciabattas, a fly, the alarm clock, and much more. Very funny and all animated in HTML5.

10) The site of an aromatic candle company is a journey into an animated story that is very beautiful to see and with relaxing music that accompanies us in interactive exploration. Try it as a site also because it is truly a work of art.

11) Pysics of beauty is a composer’s artistic site where you can listen to some tracks of relaxing lounge music accompanied by immersive animations that capture and keep the eye glued to the screen without getting tired.

12) Patrappa is a very nice Italian site to navigate, where you can read a comic (not for children) listening to a nice rhythm of Trap music.

13) MakeMePulse is a site to draw attention to the irreversible damage of fishing nets in the oceans I remember, in another post, the best interactive films to play online.

Other very beautiful sites are those with HTML5 online games to play for free on browsers.
Finally, in another list, there are the best sites with animations and 3D interactive applications


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