130 scientists against the use of AI for the development of biological weapons

130 scientists against the use of AI for the development of biological weapons

Among the dangers to consider when talking about Artificial intelligence the potential for abuse also figures development of biological weapons.

Precisely in this context, I am beyond 130 scientists Of 20 countries who have drawn up a document, in which they ask for responsible development of AI while minimizing the risks in this sense.

This new and powerful technology has brought enormous progress in the context of biological research. However, those that are concrete advantages for science can easily be abused by bad actors.

As a result of a summit at the Protein Design Institute dell’University of Washingtonsome scientists have therefore drawn up a document entitled Community Values, Guiding Principles and Commitment to Responsible Development (translated into “Community values, guiding principles and commitment to Responsible Development“).

This commitment, structured in 10 points, aims to underline the importance of using AI for the benefit of society, how this technology must be within everyone’s reach and carried forward with international collaborations.

AI: a document against responsible use and against the development of biological weapons

Among the scientists who have expressed their fears of the combination of AI and the development of biological weapons there are also some illustrious names.

Let’s talk, for example, about Francis Arnold (winner of Nobel prize for chemistry in 2018) ed Eric Horowitzchief scientific officer di Microsoft and director of Microsoft Research.

The creator of this initiative is David Baker, director of the Protein Design Institute. He himself wanted to underline how “The responsible use of AI in protein design will lead to new vaccines and medicines that benefit the world, sustainable materials will be developed and, as scientists, we must ensure this happens while minimizing the risk of such technology being misused to cause damage“.

Regarding the application of AI in the context of medicine, he has also expressed himself in enthusiastic tones in the past Bill Gates.

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