15 Android applications to test wifi penetration and intrusion or to play hacking at home

Hacker Android An Android smartphone can become one really great tool to do penetration testing and hacking in a computer network.

Developers, network engineers and curious geeks can try these powerful hacker applications for check for bugs and vulnerabilities in a network, to optimize the data transmission speed on the network or even to play hacker and amaze your friends with your computer skills. Most of them are serious applications, developed for testing and learning how to safely configure a network.

In the following guide we have collected the best free hacker apps for android that anyone can install. Many of these apps require i root permissions on the phone in order to function properly.

We remind you that you must use these tools only on the networks and devices that we own; How2do.org declines all responsibility for damages to things and people caused by the improper use of the material provided in this guide.

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Best hacker apps for android

1) Termux is a must-have app for any self-respecting good hacker. This app adds support to a terminal very similar to the one available on any GNU/Linux distribution, thus providing access to both the tools dedicated to Termux (many designed to find Wi-Fi passwords and to test resistance to cyber attacks) both to the many testing and hacking tools present on Linux.

2) Kali NetHunter it is probably the best bootable hacking system on an android phone. This operating system can be booted alongside the original Android system (using a microSD and a custom bootloader) and provides numerous hacking tools for Wi-Fi networks. Very difficult to use, but definitely complete from every point of view.

3) ZANTI is an app that scans the device for exploitable vulnerabilities, flaws in the Wi-Fi networks we are connected to, and compromised system components. It therefore represents a valid aid for hackers who want to immediately find the method to find a Wi-Fi password or who do not want to use devices that are already “infected” or devices under the control of other hackers.

4) caught is a professional app that I have already talked about in the article about app to scan wifi networks for android. Equipped with a simple and intuitive interface, the app allows you to evaluate the security levels of the router, troubleshoot any problems and find out which devices are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Fing also works well on unlocked smartphones.

5) WIBR+ pro is the best app to test a Wi-Fi network and discover its weak points, as well as being able to recover the password in some cases (it always depends on the type of modem, the security of the Wi-Fi and the chosen password). On this type of app we can also read the guide on how discover access passwords to vulnerable Wi-Fi networks.

6) Network Discovery It’s a fairly simple application that doesn’t require root access to work, which you can use to get an overview of all the details of the network your phone is connected to.

7) Droidsheep is a network sniffer for Wi-Fi networks, which attempts to capture access logins to websites and social networks, if the information travels unencrypted on a public or private network.

8) Shark for Root is a tool for sniffing and intercepting internet traffic on mobile and Wi-Fi networks. Practically allows you to see unencrypted information transmitted over the Internet by devices connected to the network.
It’s basically the version of Wireshark per Android.

9) WPS Tester it is an excellent tool for testing any security flaws in the Wi-Fi network to see if you can connect even without knowing the access password. The application works on rooted unlocked Android.

10) Nmap is one of the best network scanner programs for recovering and recording packets, forcing their contents and obtaining the necessary data for passwords and logins; this tool is available on Windows and also as an Android app.

11) Network Spoofer is an app that I have already talked about some time ago, which allows you to hijack traffic and redirect your connection to websites.

12) cSploit is one of the most powerful hacking apps for Android, a network tool that can do many hacker tasks like man-in-the-middle attacks, create TCP and UDP packets and other things. It is especially useful for checking for security vulnerabilities on networks. The app is quite powerful but a rooted device is required.

13) Hack code is another networking toolkit with a bunch of neat and scary tools. You can get a lot of basic information like Whois information along with port scans, traceroute, DNS and IP lookups and more. He specializes in penetration testing and stuff like that. Like most, the user interface is super simple and occasionally hard to read. However, you get a lot of information from the app, including things like WiFi passwords and the like.

14) NetX Network Tools Pro is a network analyzer tool to get IP address, MAC address, NetBIOS name, mobile network provider, signal strength, subnet mask, gateway, DNS, etc.

15) WiFiKiLL Pro allows you to control the network by closing access to it and blocking packets directed to that device. The app allows you to see all the users connected to the network, the data transfer rates for each device and the names.


These apps are very powerful and should only be used by ethical computer experts and hackersthe only ones able to handle the huge amount of information needed to be able to perform network penetration tests and discover the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi networks on which they test.

We will hardly be able to use these apps for illegal purposes (such as steal the neighbors Wi-Fi password), given that a deep knowledge of hacking tools and a lot of patience are required (often useless given the new security protocols integrated into Wi-Fi such as WPA3).

To effectively protect yourself from these tools we can read our guides on how to secure your home WiFi and protect yourself from network intrusions come on how to configure the modem router for Wi-Fi network security.


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