15 Free AI-powered image-to-text generators

Free apps and sites to generate new images using artificial intelligence, starting only from a simple description or simple words

Free image creator

With artificial intelligence it is possible to control robots remotely, program the execution of certain automatic operations but also create new “things” from scratch, without necessarily following a pre-established scheme (the true limit of artificial intelligence). From this point of view we can start to see some AI trying their hand at creating artistic designs created from nothingusing the material available online to create new one-of-a-kind images, starting from a simple text command.

Numerous applications have come out in the last year to generate new images through artificial intelligence processing and many of these are completely free to use, very simple, capable of creating realistic photos, pictorial, artistic or digital graphics images.

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1) Midjourney it is the first and number one image generator, a highly professional tool to which I dedicated an article because it can be used for free through a simple procedure on the website.

2) Microsoft Copilot works really well as a free AI image generator, accessible from web browsers, from Microsoft Edge (the built-in browser Windows 11 and Windows 10) or by downloading the dedicated app for Android e iPhone.

After opening the site, browser or app we indicate the level of precision of the artificial intelligence (we recommend using Other Creative) and type “create image…”, followed by the details of the image we want to create. In a few seconds the AI ​​will show us 4 images generated using the indications provided, ready to be opened, shared and downloaded.

You can too activate Copilot in Windows 11.

2 BIS) Microsoft Designer Image Creator is another Microsoft tool for creating images from text in a direct and simplified way.

To proceed, simply open the web page, write the text to be transformed into an image (providing as many details as possible) and finally pressing Generate. Now just wait a few minutes to immediately have the new image generated with artificial intelligence just a click away.

3) Pixray is another site that we would like to point out to you for generating AI images to create art from text, available for free and without limits on time or works created.

This site combines various artificial intelligences (selectable in the appropriate field) to quickly generate an image starting from a simple English text.

To proceed, all we have to do is write our sentence in the field promptsselect the AI ​​that should draw in the field drawer and press the button Submit to start creating the drawing. On Pixray it is worth testing all the proposed AIs, so that we can find the right designer for the type of image we want to create from scratch.

4) Canvathe most popular all-in-one web application, provides a great prompt image creation tool accessible with a simple free account (Google and Apple accounts can also be used for quick access).

After logging in, let’s go to the box at the top left and start typing the details of the image to be generated, also choosing the best style among those provided by the site. At the end of the description we press on Generate the image and admire the final result.

5) DeepAI is a machine learning site accessible to everyone and simple to use to generate images.

By opening the site it is possible to immediately enter the details of the photo to be created, also choosing the style and quality of the creation. At the end we can start the creation of the new image by pressing on Generate and waiting for the AI ​​engine to create the artificial image, ready to be downloaded or reshared.

6) Nightcafe is a free image generator with quick access via Google account.

Using the site is really very simple: we type any simple sentence (in English), choose the style to adopt and press on Create, so as to use artificial intelligence to create an image or painting from scratch. To test the generator you can also press the button Random, which will allow you to create a random image starting from an English sentence (also random). With the free version it is possible create up to 10 images with artificial intelligence.

7) The site Clipdrop, all free, is based on the Stable Diffusion machine learning model. In ClipDrop it’s really simple to generate a high-quality image based on the words you choose to describe it (in English).

You can also use the app Clipdrop Doodle to generate images via a drawing to be made with the mouse or finger. You can also choose the style of the image which can be that of a cartoon, digital art, pixel art and much more. The images can be downloaded freely in HD quality.

8) Still based on the Stable Diffusion image generative model, you can also try the site, where you can generate any image just by entering some keywords. There are different styles of images, from manga-like to digital art. The beauty of this site, which can be accessed for free via Discord or Google account, is that it has few limits and filters and it is possible to try many combinations of words without having to worry about censorship.

9) Another very good site for generating images and creating art with artificial intelligence is Starry AI, a very precise image generator accessible via a free account (we can use Google and Apple accounts to speed up access to the service). After logging in, all we have to do is choose the artificial intelligence to use (each AI has its own style) and type (always in English) the phrase to convert into images or a new painting.

Starryai is also available as an app for Android e iPhone; from the site you have 5 credits available to create images, while from the mobile app we can create 2 images a day.

10) A totally free and unlimited image generator is Crayonsbased on DALL·E and the same open source artificial intelligence that powers ChatGPT.

It is currently the best site for generating images from scratch starting from a simple text: to proceed, simply open the site, type what we want to obtain in the form of an image (in English) and finally press on Draw to let the AI ​​work (which can take up to 2 minutes to finish the drawing). At the end of the work, various versions of the same image will be proposed, so you can choose which one to save on the PC and print.

11) Dream by WOMBO is a free and unlimited phone app for generate images and create art with an artificial intelligence.

The app allows you to create beautiful drawings starting from a simple word and phrase, with the possibility of saving the processed images in the local memory, sending them to print or sharing them on the internal social network. From the app’s social network we can also access the works generated by other users, so we can exchange works created thanks to artificial intelligence.

12) Photo is the popular web application with photo editing and image creation tools, , now provides an AI-based, automatic and free image generator (only requires account registration.

The tool is intuitive and only requires entering text to generate an image. You can then quickly create realistic photos of faces, 3D characters, anime, paintings and other forms of digital art.

13) Leonardo AI is the latest addition to the group, an app for generating high-quality artistic images, which you can use, for now, for free. offers a wide range of templates for generating images, from hyper-realistic (PhotoReal) to 3D, vintage and various other artistic styles.

14) Hotpot generates images of works of art, illustrations or photos in a few seconds, just by describing what you want to see and the style, for free and without registration.

15) is a very good web application that provides free account to generate images from text. To use it you must log in with registration via Email, Facebook or Google. You can therefore, here too, write a description text or even just some keywords and select one of the styles to see a series of new and original images appear.

These artificial intelligences manage to create new drawings and new works “from nothing”.with a truly “scary” level of precision: it is difficult to imagine that these drawings are really made by an AI, despite the fact that they use algorithms capable of using models of drawings, prints and paintings to merge them together and create something new (in fact they cannot create something never imagined at least once by man).

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