android wallpaper 15 As already pointed out on several occasions, Android is an extremely flexible operating system for mobile phones and tablets, which can be customized not only in its internal settings, but above all in the graphic aspect. There are launchers, widgets, icons and then many other applications capable of modifying the graphics of the main screens of any Android phone or tablet, without having to unlock anything, just by making simple installations. In this article we see 15 types of screens of the most daring and beautiful that I found, to have a practically new smartphone or tablet.
Here are 15 very different Android themes that you can get combining some apps differently including also some that I have already talked about like Themer that changes Android graphics in a radical way e UCCW to transform the look of the android screen and other personalization apps.
For each proposal, you will need to install specific apps, download wallpaper packs and follow the instructions of the creator of the graphic theme. In general, the various apps work on the most powerful smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy, Huawei and Honor.
NOTE: Unfortunately most of the sites and apps of the sites that provided these customizations have disappeared and are no longer supported so today many of these screens are just a memory.

1) 2Flatan amazing flat design, simple enough to make on our mobile, made with Buzz Launcher, this homepack for Buzz.
android wallpaper 1

2) Ambra Wavesa Themer homescreen just to apply.
android wallpaper 2

3) ChromeOSto have Android similar to a Chrome computer, which is based on Nova Launcher.
android wallpaper 3

4) Colorful Jeans, a really cool Buzz Launcher theme plus this homepack.
android wallpaper 4

5) Cooglea very special theme that incorporates the graphics of Google applications, which is achieved with the Zooper Widget app.
android wallpaper 5

6) Cristal is another homescreen obtainable with Zooper Widget with the Cristal background.
android wallpaper 6

7) fielda more complicated graphic style and very rich in widgets that you get using: Apex Launcher, Media Utilities, UCCW.
android wallpaper 7

8) Full Control, a futuristic control panel that will amaze all friends, full of widgets and on-screen controls. Required apps: ssLauncher, Quick Settings and UCCW.
android wallpaper 8

9) GoogleNewsStand, inspired by the Google Magazines app, is obtained with Nova Launcher Beta, Zooper Widget, Media Utilities and this skin pack.
android wallpaper 9

10) Minima.A is a theme you get with Buzz Launcher, UCCW.
android wallpaper 10

11) Nature 2 is a Themer theme.
android wallpaper 11

12) Orbion is a slightly complicated eye rubbing theme that requires various apps: ssLauncher, MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, UCCW.
android wallpaper 12

13) Simple 3 Screen is a Buzz Launcher homepack.
android wallpaper 13

14) The One is a Zooper Widget theme plus these icons.
android wallpaper 14

15) Typhoon finally it is a fantastic and colorful graphic theme by Nova Launcher, with UCCW.
android wallpaper 15

There may be many more possibilities, it just takes a little imagination to create certain combinations.
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