Serie A 2020/2021 fixtures
With a little delay compared to the past and with many problems due to the pandemic, the new football season can finally begin with the draw of the busy Serie A calendar for the 2020/2021 football championship.
As per tradition, on you can download the 2020/2021 football calendar to print, compact, all in one page, pocketable, with the list of all matches day by day, in Excel or PDF format, to print or fill in on your computer.In addition to the list of games with dates of both the first and second rounds, there are also the spaces to mark the results in pen or pencil, or even to fill in on your computer if you prefer to use the Excel sheet, with the scores of each day.

For download the compact pocket calendar of the Serie A football championship, updated to season 2020/2021, day by day, you can choose two versions:
Download Football Calendar in Excel (to download it, go to the top of the File menu, and then press Download).
Download the Serie A football calendar in PDF (for download, press the down arrow at the top right).

For Download go to the menu File -> Download.
The PDF file is ideal for printing all on one page in order to keep it in paper form to fill in the results in a pen. The Excel file, on the other hand, becomes convenient for keeping it on your computer if you want to modify or enlarge it and for digital compilation, even without printing.

The first day of the 2029/2021 championship on 20 September, to start with is the following:

  • Benevento-Inter
  • Fiorentina-Turin
  • Genoa-Crotone
  • Juventus-Sampdoria
  • Lazio-Atalanta
  • Milan-Bologna
  • Parma-Naples
  • Sassuolo-Cagliari
  • Udinese-Spezia
  • Verona-Rome

There are not many places, online or on newsstands, where you can find a well-formatted calendar so that you can print, fold and keep it in paper form, in your wallet so I think it’s welcome.

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  1. Hello,
    I can’t download the calendar.

    Download Football Calendar in Excel (to download it, go to the top of the File menu and then press Download).

    File menu where? in excel?



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