Download for free the 2021 pocket calendar and compact in a single sheet, in PDF to print or in Excel to edit.

calendar in PDF
The best calendar which is found on the internet, it was developed by an American called David Seah and is perhaps the best and simplest solution for those who want a pocket calendar, small but with space to write notes.
A calendar of this type is very useful to those who wish quickly see the overview of the times for, for example, completing a project or planning work or appointments, with an overview of all other deadlines. In addition, there is also the calendar to cut out and fold in half, even more compact.READ ALSO: Best Calendar and Diary Programs for PC free and in Italian

The features of this special calendar to a page are the following:

  • The days are grouped together, divided into weeks, but all one after the other in order to have an immediate glance of the distances between days.
  • The whole year occupies a single printed sheet, with a large space on the right for writing notes and notes.
  • It can be printed all on one page or make it smaller and print it in smaller sheets to put in your wallet.
  • You can also print part of the calendar (only a few months) using the Excel “print selection” option.
  • Each week is displayed on a single line, with different weekends and holidays marked in red. The days of the week are shown in the same column, so as to have immediate evidence of any recurrences.
  • The Excel file of the calendar can be edited and customized as you wish after downloading it.

The 2021 calendar is available for download both as a simple Excel worksheet that can be used for planning small projects, and as a PDF version. It becomes very useful to print multiple copies of it to scribble notes in pen or to distribute it to friends and colleagues.
For Download, once the calendar is open, you don’t need to log into your Google account, just go to the menu File> Download (for PDFs press the down arrow at the top right).

NOTE: Do not ask to activate the modification on the file, to modify it just download it and then use Excel or Libreoffice on your PC.

Download calendar 2021 PDF
Download Calendar 2021 Excel

The 2021 calendar itself can be downloaded in folding version:
2021 Folding Calendar in PDF
2021 folding calendar in Excel

The following calendars derive from a web application called Compact Calendar Creator which allows you to create a compact calendar from any date, with all holidays marked in red, by taking accurate information from Google Calendar.

In another article, they are listed Word, Excel, and Powerpoint calendar templates which can be downloaded for free and printed.

The website ePrintable Calendars then allows you to create custom calendars weekly, monthly, yearly, and print them. Various tools are made available to create printable sheets that can be used not only for calendars but also for graphics, games, flashcards, lists, musical scores, elimination boards for sports tournaments, agendas. You have to choose a template and save it as a PDF on your computer or you can print it directly. ePrintable Calendars is a free service and does not require registration.

The site is also a good Print-a-calendar to customize a calendar of the year of various sizes.

Great software to create calendars in Excel also for 2021 is called XLCalendar which can create a calendar in tabular form for a year or a certain period of time.

Another type of calendar, customized with your personal photos, is offered by the Free Photo Calendar service with which you can create and generate, month by month, a calendar page in pdf format to download and print.

BigHugeLabs, a huge site for playing with photographs and composing posters, collages, and various photomontages, also allows you to create a monthly calendar with a photograph or image of your choice to put on your head, ie over the days, like the typical wall calendars.

The best service for professionally printing personalized calendars with photos, logos, and lettering is Vistaprint.

In another article, you will find the examination of the best online diaries and calendars and the download of the best diary I have found on the internet for free.

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