30 Best games with super graphics for Android and iPhone (free)

super graphics games Now smartphones, especially high-end ones like the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy or Huawei have become so advanced as to have specific hardware of the same level as a gaming PC or console, thus allowing you to install games with HD graphics from the console.
For those who care about aesthetics, for those who have a high-class device, smartphone or tablet Android, iPhone or iPad, for those who want to use their mobile phone to play by connecting it to a TV or a large monitor, the following are the games more beautiful to download and install, with latest-generation console graphics.

In this article, we see I 30 games for Android and iPhone more beautifully graphically, which are free, while in another article we saw the Best games that are worth buying for Android and iPhone

1] Galaxy Reavers, free for Android and for iPhone, is a stupendous and addictive strategy game, with fantastic ships fighting inside an attractive space background. The battles are between relatively small ship teams, with an aesthetic that resembles the popular Eve Online series.

2] Traffic Tour, free for Android and for iPhone is a free car racing game with 5 different environments to discover.
As the name suggests, traffic is a fundamental part of the game, to be faced during the races so as not to crash or slow down. You can even challenge friends in real-time races and unlock great prizes.

3] Asphalt 9 Legends is Asphalt 8 Airborne.
These are certainly the best racing games for smartphones, free for Android and for iPhone, with stunning and fast graphics, lots of tracks to drive, traffic and powerful cars with which to do stunts and run at top speed in traffic.

4] I, Gladiator, free for Android and for iPhone is the gladiator game, with super graphics and realistic animations, where you have to fight with a gladiator in the arena with armies and armor purchased.

5] NITRO NATION 6, free for Android and for iPhone is a beautiful short and fast racing game, with incredible visual effects and animations and over 100 fully customizable cars.

6] Modern Combat 5 is a console game that runs well on the most powerful devices such as the Samsung S4 and, of course, the iPhone 5. It is a shooter, the most beautiful for mobile phones, to be downloaded absolutely for lovers of the genre, especially because it’s free both for Android and for iPhone. The game also has a story mode where you need to complete different missions and get rewards. Each class has its abilities with full control over the skills to be improved according to their style of play.

7] MTB Descent: Multiplayer free on Android and iPhone is perhaps the most beautiful mountain bike game, with realistic environments and that uses the real physics of a bike’s movement. you can compete against other players in multiplayer mode, or simply complete missions in single player mode and try to record the best time.

8] Mortal Combat X, free on Android and for iPhone it is one of the most popular console titles, its smartphone is also available in a really high-level version both in terms of graphics and in terms of playability. In Mortal Combat, one-on-one opponents will be challenged in a barrel fight, trying to make moves and lethal attack combinations.

9] Eternium, free on Android and for iPhone is one of the most beautiful games of the RPG genre, with an open world to explore, different types of characters and many missions to complete. You can appear armor, upgrade weapons and learn new spells to get stronger and play in multiplayer mode. This game deserves to be present on this list also because it is one of the few that does not force you to pay to win.

10] Ultimate Tennis, free on Android and for iPhone is the most beautiful tennis game on a smartphone, very realistic, with real-looking players and 3D effects. you can play tournaments or even PVP online games. Each tenissta has different strengths and weaknesses and you will have to learn to perform precise and powerful power shots to be the best.

11] The World 3: Rise of Demon, free on Android and for iPhone is a role-playing game to hunt down monsters. The World 3 focuses a lot on graphics, but it also has fluid gameplay, with different characters and various types of attacks and spells and realistic-looking characters.

12] Dead Trigger, free on Android and for iPhone is also among the scary Zombie shooter games for iPhone and Android, with high-level and terrific console graphics. The aim, of course, is to shoot the zombies, upgrade weapons and carry out missions defending themselves from the dead.

13] Bullet Force, free on Android and for iPhone is a multiplayer FPS game with graphics comparable to the PC game Counter-Strike, which allows you to fight up to 20 players at a time, with 4 game modes and an AI system to play offline with robots.

14] Dungeon Hunter 5, free on Android and for iPhone is an RPG game with lots of dungeons to explore and heroes to ride in battle. You can get hundreds of armor, weapons, and spells to learn, with even a construction function to defend your try sites from other players or to steal from others.

15] Need For Speed ​​No Limits, is the free version of the famous racing game, with a graphic that is the same as the console game.

16] DEER HUNTER, free on Android and for iPhone is one of the most beautiful games ever in the stores, a very realistic first-person hunting simulation, where you have to shoot with precision not only to deer but also to other animals, from rabbits to wolves, bears and the like.

17] The Walking Dead is the game of the famous TV series, with a new group of characters that must survive in a zombie-infested world. The game is like an interactive comic book, with illustrations and a nice story to read and follow as if you were watching an episode on TV. The Walking Dead can be downloaded for free only for the first episode, then, unfortunately, the others must be purchased individually, both for Android and for iPhone.

18] République, on Android and for iPhone is another episode game that you can start for free with the first episode, where you have to guide a woman towards freedom in a compelling story and top-level graphics.

19] Brothers in Arms 3, free on Android and for iPhone is a shooter set in the Second World War, where you have to move strategically, plan missions and manage 12 brothers each with their own abilities.

20] Occupation, free on Android and iPhone is a game set in an apocalyptic world of zombies and chaos with few survivors left, where the protagonist must protect and save his wife from any kind of danger. We must therefore run, take cover, shoot the zombies and survive in an open 3D world with never linear missions.

21] Darkness Rises, free on Android and for iPhone is a free-to-play action RPG that excels in character customization, giving precise control over the characters to control all the little details including eyebrow height, cheekbones, hold and hips, length limbs and so on, creating a perfect avatar that resembles us. There are four archetypal classes to choose from: warrior, sorceress, assassin, and barbarian, and the game encourages you to have all four players on the move. As a game, it is a linear hack-and-slash in which you can defeat waves of villains and bosses with ax, sword, spells and special moves.

22] SHADOWGUN LEGENDS, free on Android and iPhone is a first-person shooter with beautiful and colorful views, a real pleasure for the eyes thanks to a super graphics and a futuristic environment that will remind players of classic PC / console titles like Destiny and Halo.

23] TEKKEN Mobile, free on Android and for iPhone brings the most popular series of fights on smartphones, the best from a graphic point of view. Although free, the game is full of micro-transactions and the sophisticated controls have been resized with moves limited to touches and jumps, with only 2D movement.

24] Sdorica -sunset, free on Android and for iPhone is a beautiful game graphically, designed like a cartoon and with many animated movies to tell a story to be followed with dubbed characters like in an animation film. The plot is told through conversations and battles, where combat has elements of a puzzle and strategy game.

25] PUBG MOBILE is one of the most played video games on PC and Xbox, also excellent in terms of graphics and above all free for all, with an open field battle between 100 players of which only one will remain alive.

26] Lineage 2: Revolution, free on Android and for iPhone is the mobile version of a very popular Korean MMORPG, with spectacular images and epic battles with over 100 field fighters.

27] Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade, free on Android and for iPhone is a game of the shooter genre with a very powerful graphics and frenetic action, where you drive an Imperial Knight, armed to the teeth with guns, missiles, and buzzing blades to use against wild aliens and demonic forces.

28] SBK16, free on Android and for iPhone is a racing bike game with realistic graphics, difficult and that requires some time to learn to drive.

29] NBA LIVE Basketball Mobile, free for Android and for iPhone is the NBA basketball game, with beautiful graphics and various challenges that will not only amuse basketball lovers.

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