3D virtual reality viewers from your smartphone

Smartphone viewers Among the very futuristic technological devices we certainly find the virtual reality viewers, i.e. devices like the Oculus Quest 2 designed to play video games in an engaging way, completely covering the eyes and taking us into the game as never seen before. These viewers must be connected to the computer and are very expensive, thus making virtual reality available to a select few for now.

We talked about these 3D viewers for virtual reality which are real game consoles, expensive and with a platform behind them.

Fortunately, there are also much cheaper viewers on the market in which it is sufficient to insert the smartphone in our possession to be able to enjoy virtual reality (obviously with the due limits and with a lower quality than real 3D viewers).

In the following guide we will show you in detail i best 3D virtual reality headsets from your smartphone, showing you the brief features that we need to check before buying and the models that you can buy right away from the Amazon store.

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Technical features

The virtual reality viewers designed to contain the smartphone do not have many features, since most of the work is carried out by the smartphone that we are going to insert inside. In any case, before purchasing, we check that the chosen smartphone viewer has at least the following characteristics:

  • Smartphone size support: Modern smartphones have screens over 6 inches, so we check that the headset housing supports all smartphones with screens from 5 to 7 inches. Virtually all modern phones fit into this range, so we should be able to use the headset without any problems.
  • Support straps and hooks: the visor must be positioned on the head and its straps must be adjustable, so as to be able to adapt to the head of each person. The support straps also have to withstand various adjustments without breaking in no time.
  • Face rest: the part of the viewer that is placed on our face must have a part in soft and breathable fabric, so as to minimize the discomfort of having the viewer on the eyes for a long time.
  • Adjustable lenses: practically all viewers have adjustable lenses for focus and distance, so you can see what is being reproduced on the phone screen.
  • Eye protection: the viewers also have special lenses capable of filtering blue light, considered by many to be dangerous for the eyes and in the long run cause of headaches and eye fatigue.

As mentioned, most of the work is done by the phone, which must be powerful and able to handle 3D videos and games with 3D support without problems; to be on the safe side we advise you to bet only on high-end smartphone.

Misisi VR Glasses

The cheapest model of viewer we can bet on is the Misisi VR viewer, which costs almost 50 €.
Misisi This economical viewer has everything you need to be able to view movies in 3D and to play games with accelerometer support, thanks also to the Blue Light Eye Protection lenses, the Adjustable lens and support for all phones up to 7 inches. size.

With this viewer we can play the 3D games we love the most, using the phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer to play without using any buttons.

Heromask PRO

Another viewer that we can consider for virtual reality is Heromask PRO, one of the most comfortable models to wear and sold by Amazon for less than 50 €.
Heromask PRO This headset features comfortable and adjustable straps, gaming button, triple pupillary adjustment and compatibility with all games and phones released in recent years.

In the package we also find a guide to the games that we can try with the viewer and technical assistance that also responds via WhatsApp, which is not common and much appreciated in case of problems or difficulties in using some app or some game.


Among the largest viewers that we can see the FIYAPOO of €50.
FIYAPOO VR This headset has very large and easy to adjust straps, supports phones up to 6.53 inches and also provides Hi-Fi stereo headphones integrated into the body, so you can listen to high quality sounds and with 3D audio technology by connecting the plug to the phone (only phones with 3.5mm Jack).

If we have a very large head and so far we have not found the right viewer for us, this FIYAPOO 3D VR Glasses could really be for us, given the size of the straps and the comfort of the face rest integrated on the surface of the viewer.

GYAM 3D Glasses with Headphones

For the most avid gamers the only viewer that deserves to be examined is the GYAM, which we find for sale on Amazon for less than 100 €.
GYAM Occhiali This viewer is solid and robust and is a real playmate thanks to the adjustable straps, the wheels to adjust the focus and the interpupillary distance and the 3D stereo headphones integrated into the body.

Also in this case, in order to take advantage of all the functions we must make sure that the chosen phone has the 3.5mm audio jack and that the screen does not exceed 6.3 inches.

JCSW VR 3D Glasses

Another 3D viewer for phones that we can view for games and three-dimensional videos is JCSW, a quality product sold on Amazon for less than € 100.
JCSW VR Glasses This headset is characterized by a very robust line, a vision protection system (blue light), lens adjustment for various visual defects (myopia, farsightedness) and integrated HD headphones for truly immersive 3D sound.

This headset supports all phones with a screen between 4.7 inches and 6.5 inches and the use of a phone with 3.5mm Audio Jack is recommended, so that you can also benefit from spatial audio.

Hzjjc 3D VR Glasses

If we are looking for a high-end viewer for games and for 3D videos we can take a look at the viewer Hzjjc for less than 200 €.
Hzjjc The design of this viewer closely resembles the first Oculus Rift, thus showing itself very compact, light and comfortable to wear even for a long time.

The viewer supports phones with a screen up to 6.8 inches, also has integrated stereo headphones (to be connected via audio jack), has convenient buttons to adjust focus and interpupillary distance and is one of the few models that can be also used comfortably by people who wear glasses (the viewer can cover the glasses without discomfort).


Although obviously we are far from the 3D that we can get with the 3D devices that can be connected to the PC, the smartphone viewers are a great tool to try 3D and entertain children, teenagers and even the elderly, since a sufficiently modern telephone is enough to give an engaging three-dimensional experience.

If we are passionate about the subject and want to discover new methods to take advantage of virtual reality, we can immediately install the augmented reality app on Android.
For those with a powerful enough computer, you can also try the Mixed Reality in 3D of Windows 10 and Windows 11.


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