7 gift ideas for music lovers

gifts for musicians coverBuying a gift can be tricky, especially if it’s for a music lover. In the past few years, it has certainly chosen a CD as a gift, but these are mostly redundant ideas in the streaming age. If you are looking for inspiration, we can help you.

Here are some gifts for music lovers who are not musical instruments.

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1. Nanoleaf Aurora

Although music is primarily an auditory experience, it can also be complemented by images: for example, a live music event will always have a light show built into the performance, and often the music players on our computers are also equipped with displays that fit the music.

The kit Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Edition it’s a great way to add music visualization to your experience – these are smart lighting panels that can be mounted on any wall in your home or music studio. Lights can be purchased independently, but the module Rhythm adds sound sensors that detect any audio playback and adjust the lights in time with the music.

Nanoleaf Aurora It’s a great addition to any music lover’s home, but it’s definitely a feature-rich device that could make a great gift for anyone. With panels, Nanoleaf Aurora you can create as many shapes as you want, as they are panels LED modular and slim that can be assembled in minutes without screws or holes ( plug play ). It is then possible to change the color, brightness, and light effects, such as animation direction, speed, and highlights at any time, by installing the application Nanoleaf Smarter Series available for both devices Android both for iPhone.

Like most smart lights, panels too Nanoleaf Rhythm integrate with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Alexa is IFTTT.

The kit includes all parts needed for assembly, including the module Rhythm, 15 lighting panels, 15 mounting stencils, and 45 mounting strips. There is also a starter kit including 9 lighting panels, 9 mounting molds, and 27 mounting strips. Nanoleaf light panels it is expandable up to 30 panels (see expansion pack) and can be automated via alarms and triggers.


  • Brand: Nanoleaf
  • Integrations: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
  • Hub required: no
  • Responsive music: yes
  • Multi-color capability: yes


  • Nanoleaf Aurora works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
  • No drilling is required as it attaches to the wall with mounting tape
  • Extra lighting panels can be added


Optional upgrades and additional panels are expensive.

2. Jabra Elite 85h

A good set of headphones is essential for any music lover or audiophile, and among the best headphones available today are the Jabra Elite 85h. Although Jabra best known for its range of business-focused accessories, these headphones are ideal for listening to music. The earpads are comfortable enough to be worn all day and can last up to 41 hours on a single charge.

Headphones Jabra Elite 85h are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which uses 8 microphones to eliminate any background noise. There is also a way ANC hybrid call HearThrough which allows some background noise to pass through, helping to keep track of the environment. SmartSound Jabra also intelligently switches between modes ANC.

Headphones Jabra Elite 85h also have sensing and voice assistant functions that can be accessed by pressing a simple touch button and automatically pause if removed from the ears. They are available in different colors. Delivery includes Jabra Elite 85h Stereo Headphone; travel protective case; USB-C charging cable; audio cable; weight: 296 g; titanium black.


  • Brand: Jabra
  • Battery life: 36 hours
  • Material: fabric, leatherette, plastic
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes


  • Rain resistance
  • 36-hour battery life
  • AI-based automatic noise cancellation modes


Bulky design so that the headphones protrude slightly

3. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine

Most people consume music news and online interviews, but Rolling Stone is still among the best music publications in the world. The legendary magazine features interviews with some of the best musicians, features album reviews and news, and best of all, can help the music lovers in your life discover new artists, albums, and culture to enjoy.

It is possible to purchase a physical subscription as a gift to be delivered by post. However, for a lower price, you can opt for the Kindle edition. While a Kindle Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader offers a better reading experience, the giftee can also access the digital edition using the Kindle smartphone app. Subscription options are available on the site Rollingstone.it while on Amazon it is possible to purchase some special editions of the magazine for a more specific gift.


    • Brand: Rolling Stone
    • Subscription available: Yes
    • Editions: physical, digital, Kindle

Frequency: monthly


  • Subscriptions available in physical and digital / Kindle format
  • Includes interviews, news, and reviews


The magazine deals with music at 360 degrees, so it does not suit the tastes and interests of every music lover.

4. Jammy G

One of the funniest parts of learning to play a musical instrument like the guitar is its flexibility: in fact, unlike larger instruments like drum kits, guitars are easy to pick up and play whenever inspiration strikes. The only drawback is that it is not always practical to carry a full-size guitar with you. Furthermore, it is often difficult to use more analog guitar technology with modern computer equipment.

Jammy G offers a solution to these problems: the portable modular guitar from 27 inches can be easily disassembled for transport, collapsing on its own 17 inches, therefore it is possible to put it in a normal backpack. Jammy G also has a battery of 4,400 mAh for six hours of sound and can be connected to the PC through USB-C or linked to the application Jammy Guitar available for Android and for iPhone.

The app allows you to switch between effects, update firmware, and change instrument sensitivity settings. It is also possible to use the virtual FX pedal and play along with the built-in backing tracks. If you prefer to use a laptop or a PC, the guitar acts as a controller MIDI and can be used to emulate the sound of any instrument. Finger detection technology FretTouch and infrared optical pickups provide real-time feedback so you can see your fingers on the device screen.


  • Type: Electric, MIDI Controller
  • Length: 27 inches, detachable to 17 inches
  • Ropes: six
  • Frets: 15
  • Electronic Improvements: Touch Sensors
  • Brand: Jammy


  • The 4,400mAh battery offers up to six hours of use
  • Virtual effects pedal included


  • It takes some time to get used to
  • The experience is different from a regular guitar

5. House Of Marley Stir It Up Wireless Turntable

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of vinyl records: in fact, some people buy them as collectibles, while others remain convinced of the format’s superior audio quality. Once you have a record, however, you need something to play it on and in this regard, one of the best turntables available today is the wireless Stir it Up by House of Marley.

It is a reasonably priced, belt-driven, pre-amplifier turntable that reveals the true depth of the music, sharing the same eco-friendly design as other products House of Marley. The clog is made of bamboo, while the slipmat is made of recycled silicone. The Stir It Up is capable of playing records at 33 and 45 rpm and also comes with a seven-inch adapter. This wireless edition of the player Stir It Up comes with Bluetooth so you can stream your records to your chosen wireless speaker or set of headphones Bluetooth. There is also a door USB on the back, which allows you to record your favorite songs on your computer.


  • Brand: House of Marley
  • Integrated Preamp: Yes
  • Security belt
  • Bluetooth: yes


  • Replaceable cartridge
  • Sustainable materials


Difficult to set the bar correctly


Hidizs AP80 Pro is certainly very compact and despite being entirely made of plastic, the aesthetic impact and quality are truly excellent. The reader is available in red, black, gold, blue, and pink as well as special versions of Marvel, with graphics that recall the heroes of House of Ideas ed Hello Kitty. The front is occupied by a screen from 2.45 “ of good quality and with soft-touch keys that allow you to navigate the intuitive interface. On the side, there are the keys for the lock screen and the volume control.

Thanks to the chip DAC ES9218P peak DUAL Ess, the lossless music player offers powerful decoding and an SNR until 130 dB is THD + N until -114 dB, which are excellent for ensuring audiophile quality sound all the way through. With the chip FPGA dedicated HBC 3000, the accuracy of digital music reproduction can be increased by the master clock, and the jitter of the clock can be perfectly controlled. Meanwhile, it can decode hardware Native DSD 64/128/256.

Hidizs AP80 supports Bluetooth 4.2 bidirectional, Hiby UAT, Sony LDAC is APT-X. It can be played as an audio source Bluetooth, but it can also be a decoding amplifier Bluetooth professional. UAT is a brand new audio code Bluetooth developed by HiBy which supports the industry’s highest sample rate of 192 kHz with the industry’s highest data bandwidth of 1.2 Mbps, even adapting to different musical genres. It supports HWA / SBC / FLAC / BEE / WMA / WAV / SACD-ISO.

The reader MP3 AP80 PRO is designed with a single-ended jack from 3.5 mm is balanced jacks from 2.5 mm that illuminate each other, ensuring the user the best possible listening experience. Designed with 2.45 “(480×360) Samsung HD IPS touchscreen, professional music playback system recognized worldwide in software development, enables sensitive and responsive touch, crisp image quality, rich visual detail, control a sliding and quiet operation.

AP80 PRO is equipped with digital audio player Hi-Fi which can become a digital source after connecting the amplifier USB with the input function DAC; it can also be connected to a mobile phone or computer as an external decoding amplifier. It does not have a memory card SD built-in but supports up to 512 G expandable memory with micro cards SD. With the high capacity battery, you can enjoy up to 9-13 hours of continuous playback and over 50 days of deep standby. Note 9 hours for BAL, 13 hours for PO.

The music player HiFi is portable and lightweight. Support weather screen saver, one lock button, radio FM, the step count. With the function of the high precision pedometer, AP80 PRO can provide accurate data on outdoor workouts to lead to an absolute harmony of music, life, and sport. It also features massive high-quality radio shows, such as finance, entertainment, health, emotional history, etc.

The packaging is very accurate and in addition to the reader and the micro USB cable, there are a pair of earbuds headphones (classic earphones, not in-ear) of decent quality with a 14.8 mm dynamic driver and a small carrying bag.


  • Brand HIDIZS
  • AP80PROGYCA Model
  • Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • The model Year 2020
  • Screen size 2.45 inch
  • Bluetooth wireless type
  • Type of USB connectors
  • Supported standards MP3, APE, FLAC, WMA, WAV
  • SD card type


  • Dual ESS9218P DAC chips
  • High precision FPGA chip
  • Samsung 2.45 “(480 × 360) HD IPS touchscreen
  • Support powerful pedometer function and FM radio
  • Long battery life


The glass back panel is fragile, some interface elements are very small, silicone case design

7. Ticket Stub Diary

Attending live music is a regular pastime for its lovers and attending a concert by their favorite band or artist is an unforgettable experience. Many people also collect concert ticket stubs as souvenirs, but over time they can end up being lost or damaged. The Ticket Stub Diary is a diary to accumulate your collection and keep your tickets safe.

While you can do this in any folder, this diary has room to write about the concert, highlighting your memories and favorite songs from the night. Each acid-free page has a covered section for the card stub, along with a few ruled lines on the side of the card.


  • Title: Ticket Stub Diary
  • Author: Eric Epstein
  • Pages: 52
  • Genre: diary
  • Release date: 2012


  • Each page has a covered section for the ticket stub
  • Large back pocket for additional storage


Large tickets do not fit into the default slots which are not expandable

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