The pre-populated 730 form allows employees and pensioners to file your tax return. It is convenient, since it is a model with data already inside and which does not require the citizen to carry out calculations independently. It allows you to obtain a tax refund in your paycheck or pension installment and to pay the sums, where due, with a deduction from your salary or pension itself.

Another important advantage is on the controls. Self the pre-compiled 730 is presented to the Revenue Agency without any modification, checks on deductible and deductible charges will not be carried out. It will therefore be difficult to encounter problems, non-acceptance or sanctions in the future.

For your tax return you can use an ordinary form or a pre-compiled one, which the Revenue Agency has decided to make available to simplify procedures. Let’s find out what information a pre-compiled 730 contains, where to download it and how.

  • 1. Pre-compiled form 730, what it is and what information can be found there

    The 730 form is pre-filled directly by the Revenue Agency, which has access to some useful information. Among these are all the data contained in the Single Certification (CU), a tax document that demonstrates the acquisition of income. This contains elements such as Irpef withholdings, data on dependent family members, income obtained through retirement or employment and more.

    In the pre-compiled 730 they find themselves information provided through tax returns from previous years, such as tax credits, and all deductible and deductible charges communicated to the Revenue Agency. There are downloadable health expenses, contributions paid for various reasons, expenses incurred for education, funeral expenses and everything that provides bonuses and reimbursements. The data present in the tax registry is also found in the model.

    Thanks to all this set of information held by the Revenue Agencyyou get a pre-populated and, in most cases, complete and accurate Form 730.

    Form 730 consists of a frontispiece, a family unit prospectus and from several paintingsin which the various information is distributed.

  • 2. How to download the precompiled 730

    The 730 pre-populated you can download it easily and is made available to the user annually within the Revenue Agency.

    It is necessary to connect to the official website of the Revenue Agency and access yours Reserved area. click on Access the reserved area and choose the way you prefer to log in. This can be done with the SPID, the National Services Card, the Electronic Identity Card or the Revenue Agency credentials.

    Once logged inyou can take advantage of one long series of online servicessuch as access to your tax drawer, delivery of documents, request for official certificates and much more.

    To select the method you prefer to access, run the wizards, and enter your personal section. click on Communications and click on 730 pre-populated. If available, you can view, download and modify it.

    To view and download the pre-compiled form 730 you need to wait for the time window indicated by the Revenue Agency. It is generally available every year starting from May, but the dates may vary.

    Within your personal section, yes can find a list of all 730 supplies pre-compiled obtained over the years. They can be searched by protocol number, file name or supply date.

  • 3. How to present the pre-filled 730

    The pre-populated 730 form must be submitted annually within the deadlines communicated by the Revenue Agency, directly to the latter or at a Caf, a professional (accountant, employment consultant, accountant or other) or a withholding tax to which the user gives a specific delegation.

    If you present the 730 independently through the Revenue Agency website, by accessing the personal area, you will need report some informationsuch as the data of the withholding agent who carries out the adjustment and the destination of the 8 per thousand, or the 5 per thousand or the 2 per thousand of the IRPEF.

    Before accepting and transmitting the model it is advisable carefully check all the data contained in the 730, since even if pre-compiled it may be necessary to insert corrections or additions. If you realize there are some errors, you can make adjustments even after transmission, within the times indicated by the Agency.

    Once transmitted, the user gets a receiptwhich you can download directly from your personal area and which certifies the successful submission.