A wonderful feature from Google Chrome desktop comes to Android

A wonderful feature from Google Chrome desktop comes to Android

With great attention Google is improving its applications and also its Android platform. In addition to the many new additions that have arrived with the latest updates, it seems that something is about to concern the famous browser very closely Google Chrome.

All users who love the organization of open tabs right inside Chrome for Android will soon be able to benefit from something new. The browser used on computers contains a unique feature for manage open tabswhich is also about to be extended to the mobile version.

Google Chrome, tab management reserved for the desktop app arrives on Android

According to what was reported in a recent update of the experimental version 124 of Chrome Canary, a new possibility is about to arrive. Users know that it is possible to create groups of cards even if you only have one card to start with. This feature applies to the desktop app but will soon no longer be exclusive.

This feature is coming to Android devices. Actually already during the month of January, within a release beta of the famous Internet browser, a trace of this function had appeared. At the time, however, it was deactivated, so no one could use it. In this latest version of Chrome Canary for Android, however, the functionality seems to be perfectly usable. All users need to do is enable the checkbox “#android-tab-group-stable-ids“.

Everything will work simply by tapping on the three-dot menu and choosing the “Select cards” item. After selecting the cards you want to group, you will need to choose the item “Group cards“. From that moment you can choose a name for that group of cards and you can also reorganize them using various interesting features.

What was just a rumor until a few weeks ago is slowly turning into reality to the delight of those who love tinkering with Google Chrome for Android.

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