Access problems with SPID: how to solve

SPID problemsWith SPID, the public administration has made access to requests and questions to be asked in a public office much easier and less bureaucratic (such as the INPS, but also the portals offered by municipal, provincial or regional bodies), making access to the physical office superfluous and also avoiding the inevitable queues in order to deliver official documents, which are also valid as real administrative documents. It is therefore advisable to get the SPID immediately and use it on all institutional sites; if we haven’t done so yet we can always read the dedicated guide that we have made on the subject.

If we already have the SPID but for some reason, it does not work correctly or does not allow us to access the portal we are interested in, in this guide, we will try to collect all the simplest solutions to apply to fix problems with SPID if it doesn’t work.

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Solve SPID problems

Most of the problems with the SPID are attributable to the site we access, but before blaming the institutional site we can carry out a series of checks, so as to be able to quickly check if the SPID is working correctly.

Verify access with SPID

As mentioned earlier, most of the problems with the SPID concern the institutional site to which we connect: in case of INPS click day for example it is easy that the site in question is inaccessible or it is difficult to authenticate with the SPID due to the high number of simultaneous accesses. To verify that the SPID in use works correctly, all we have to do is access the portal of the Tuscany region, well-integrated with the SPID and usable by all citizens (even those who do not reside in Tuscany).


To test the SPID we press the button Log in with SPID, we select the provider with which we created the SPID, we enter the credentials in our possession, we carry out the two-factor verification with the code received via SMS or with the authentication code (via dedicated app) and finally, we provide access to the data personal data required to be recognized by the portal of the Tuscany region. If the SPID works correctly we will see the services reserved for citizens appear and our name and surname will appear as a user logged into the page; by doing so we will have proof that the SPID is working correctly and the problem (if any) is not ours.

Another site that we can use to verify the correct functioning of the SPID is Agenzia Delle Entrate, which has a button similar to the one seen previously.

Internal Revenue Service

Once on the page we click on Log in with SPID, we select the button Log in with SPID, choose the provider in use and make sure to enter the login credentials and the security code provided with the two-factor authentication method. If after logging in, our tax code appears on the Revenue Agency page, we have proof that the SPID is working correctly.

Resolve errors with SPID codes and passwords

If we are unable to access the web pages we showed you a little while ago, the problem concerns the SPID we use, so we will necessarily have to carry out some other tests. The most common and often underestimated problem is an error in entering credentials: when we try to access a site that accepts the SPID make sure you enter your username and password correctly, so you can proceed to the next screen.

SPID access

If we have forgotten your password or username we can always use the recovery links, usually present on the same SPID login page; we will be able to choose a new password or get our username again by recovering data from the email used at the time of registration.

Another typical problem with the SPID concerns the two-factor authentication system, which could prevent access to the institutional site.


After entering the SPID login credentials made by Email and password, press on the method chosen for two-factor authentication (SMS or dedicated app) and we insert the code we have obtained in the shortest possible time (usually the codes expire after a few seconds or at most a few minutes). If we take too long from receiving the code to entering it, we will get an error screen and we will have to have a new code sent to us; if, on the other hand, the problem persists even after entering the exact code, we recommend that you close the browser and try the website to open with SPID in incognito mode, so as to bypass any problems with the cache and data already present in the chosen browser. To learn more about the last method, we can read our guide on When to use incognito browsing (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)?

If the above methods don’t work either, it is better to try another device for access via SPID: if we were from a smartphone we try to access from a PC, while if we were already on the computer we try from a tablet or smartphone (perhaps using the cellular data network and not the Wi-Fi itself).


The SPID is probably the best IT tool that the Italian State has given to all citizens to solve most of the bureaucratic problems, for years the real Achilles heel in the growth of the country and a great waste of time and money by all citizens and entrepreneurs who work. If the SPID does not work, it is not always the fault of the institutional site we are trying to use: it is better to carry out some tests and checks, as we have described in the previous chapters.

To learn more about the use of the institutional tools in our possession, we invite you to read our CNS guides, CRS, CIE, and SPID: a guide to authentication on state sites is How to apply for and obtain the CNS.

If together with the SPID we also want to use the PEC to contact the institutions, we can continue reading our article How to have a free PEC.

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