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The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) is the new identity card issued by the Ministry of the Interior: with it it is possible to authenticate in complete safety to the online services of entities and public administrations authorized to access via CIE, such as the INPS website or any of the websites of administration available in any Italian municipality.

If we do not want to create the SPID but we have already received the new identity card at our home, in the following guide we will show you how to activate and use the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) to access the sites you want, so as to avoid using the SPID in most scenarios.

It is advisable to follow the procedure described in the following chapters have your 8-digit PIN handy obtained together with the card (4 digits at the time of the request from the registry office, the next 4 digits present in the letter with which the card arrived at home).

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1) Activate the Electronic Identity Card (CIE)

To activate the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) for access to INPS or to the public administration we have two paths that we can follow: use one smartphone equipped with NFC chip or connect a lettore smart card contactless to the PC and proceed with access with thelevel 3 authentication.

Activation via smartphone

CIE registration

To activate the CIE by telephone, all we have to do is verify that our smartphone has NFC technology: if we have an iPhone it is practically obvious, while with an Android telephone always worth checking).

After checking this important detail, we download the app on our phone CieID (available for Android and for iPhone), open it and immediately press on Register your card to start the registration process.

For this registration we enter the 8-digit PIN e we place the CIE on the back of the smartphone, corresponding to the NFC reader (usually just below the rear camera); we leave the card motionless and still until the app confirms correct activation and association on the phone.

Activation via PC

CIE are PC

On PC the procedure is slightly different, since we will first of all have to connect the contactless smartcard reader (using any USB port) and install the middleware CIE ID necessary to read the card data.

After opening the web page we download the executable Middleware for Windows – download version XXXX, connect the smart card reader to the PC and follow all the steps required by the software to complete the installation; at the end we restart the computer to make the changes effective and avoid any kind of problem (we always leave the smart card reader connected).

When CIE ID is started for the first time, press on Continues and click on the button Start; on the screen where we will be asked for the PIN, place the Electronic Identity Card (CIE) on the smart card reader, wait for the reader to turn green (connection made) and type in the 8-digit PIN received in two sections together a la carte.

Now all that remains is to press on Match to match our PC and the card reader: from now on we will only be asked to place the card on the reader and enter the last 4 digits of the PIN to authorize third-level authentication on any institutional site that supports CIE for access.

2) Access with the CIE from a smartphone

Mobile CIE access

To authenticate with the CIE from an enabled phone (on which we have activated) we launch the Google Chrome app (on Android) or the Safari browser (on iPhone), we type the web address of the service we need to access (for example INPS) and press button Enter with CIE on the login screen.

The browser will automatically open the app CieID and we will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of the PIN or to use the fingerprint / Face ID for quick unlocking; after confirming the code, just bring the CIE close to the back of the phone (where the NFC reader is located) to authorize access.

The current state it is not possible to use a browser other than Google Chrome (on Android) or Safari (on iPhone) for access via CIE: we therefore avoid the use of internal browsers or unsupported browsers.

3) Access with the CIE from PC

Access CIE computers

From PC we can access any service that supports the CIE by opening the browser Google Chrome (Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are also supported), taking us to the site that features the button Enter with CIEconfirming access to the certificate generated by the CIE ID app and entering the second half of the PIN when prompted.

After confirming the PIN, it is sufficient to place the CIE on the smart card reader to end the authentication process and access correctly with our digital identity.

4) Access with the CIE and QR code (hybrid method)


If we do not have a contactless smart card reader on the computer we can use our smartphone as an NFC reader, scan the QR code obtained for our CIE, generate an OTP to insert into the PC and guarantee access to the computer quickly and securely.

To use this procedure, open a website from the PC where there is a button Enter with CIE (such as the test site of the CIE), we press on Continue with smartphoneenter the serial number of our CIE, click on Proceedopen the CIE ID app on your phone and use it to scan the QR code generated by the site.

After the scan we bring the CIE to the back of the phone and supply the last 4 digits of the PIN to generate a One Time Password (OTP)entering this code on the site: we will thus have access to the chosen service thanks to the CIE, without having to carry around a smart card reader.

5) How to access INPS with the CIE


Who wants to use the CIE to access the INPS website all he has to do is open the site with the authorized browser, press on at the top right Log inmove to the tab CIEpress the button Enter with CIE and follow one of the procedures seen in the previous chapters.

Pressing the key we will be directed to the website of the Ministry of the Interior, where to authenticate with the CIE; after authentication, the INPS personal page or the required INPS service will open.


The Electronic Identity Card (CIE) it is an excellent alternative to SPID for accessing INPS and public administration servicesoperating with a higher level of security (level 3) and providing quick and secure access to any user equipped with the new identity card.

Nothing prevents us from having both (SPID and CIE) and from choosing each time which one to use for accessing the institutional site or for accessing the services of one’s municipality.

To learn more we can read ours guide to authentication on state sites (CNS, CRS, CIE and SPID) and the guide to sites where to request the SPID.


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