Acrobat AI Assistant: The new PDF tool will be offered by subscription

Acrobat AI Assistant: The new PDF tool will be offered by subscription

Adobea well-known software company producing Photoshop, Illustrator and not only that, last February it released a beta version of Acrobat AI Assistant.

This tool based on Artificial Intelligence allows advanced management regarding PDF documentswith specific functions for this file format.

Yesterday, the company announced that this tool will be offered through a subscription formula to users of Adobe Acrobat e Acrobat Reader.

According to what has emerged, the subscription to Acrobat AI Assistant will cost $4.99 per month and will allow users to use some browser extensions (per Microsoft Edge e Google Chrome) to test the AI’s capabilities.

Despite this, it must be said that Adobe wanted to clarify that this cost relates only to theearly access and that, once the tool is refined, it will be available for a higher price.

Acrobat AI Assistant is the definitive AI tool for those working with PDFs

Acrobat AI Assistant presents itself as a very interesting tool for those who deal with PDFs on a daily basis.

This in fact, answers specific questions of the user on the contents of the files as well as carrying out a summary of the same. The AI ​​is also able to interact with PDFs generating clickable links and use the contents of the files to create emails, presentations and other textual content.

Since Acrobat AI Assistant could be used in sensitive contexts, such as contracts or receipts, Adobe wanted to point out how the tool is managed through advanced security protocols. Furthermore, the company assured users that the information processed will not be stored or exploited to train AI. At the moment Acrobat AI Assistant is available in English although, in the future, support for other languages ​​is also expected.

For Adobe it is not the first step into the world of AI. Already last year, with the creation of Adobe Fireflythe company has shown itself to strongly believe in this new technology.

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