Adaptive audio, how to make the most of it on AirPods Pro

Wear a pair of earphones to listen to your favorite multimedia content, make and receive calls is one of the most common operations, especially for those who spend many hours away from home and find themselves having to use their smartphone while doing other things.

But when you are in noisy environments it’s not always easy to use headphones and, indeed, in some cases it could be really complicated to listen to music and still maintain it the perception of what surrounds us.

To simplify things Apple he developed for his AirPods Pro the features of adaptive audio which simplify users’ lives a lot, making the use of earphones truly smart and completely automated. Let’s find out more about it.

  • 1. What is adaptive audio and how it works

    Adaptive audio is an innovative listening method that dynamically combines the Transparency mode and the active noise cancellation (ANC) to self-regulate the listening experience based on environmental conditions where the user is located

    Simply put, the earphones will automatically calibrate the audio and noise control based on what’s happening around the listener.

    Obviously this mode works properly takes advantage of the microphones on board of ei earphones sophisticated machine learning algorithms developed by Apple to guarantee an efficient listening system in line with the needs of each user.

    A very efficient system that improves the sound experience and which is only available on Second generation AirPods Pro and can be used with iPhone, iPad o Mac with at least iOS 17, iPad 17 o macOS Sonoma.

  • 2. How to turn on adaptive audio on iPhone or iPad

    To turn on adaptive audio on your iPhone or iPad, you need to open the Control Center and hold down the volume slider.

    At this point you need to select the option Noise control and move the relevant switch to Adaptive.

    Alternatively, you can also enable this option in the section Noise control present within the AirPods settings.

    To customize this mode you need to go to Settingsselect the AirPods Pro connected to the device and select the option Adaptiveamong the various noise reduction methods.

    A process, in both cases, very intuitive and easily manageable by anyone.

  • 3. How to Enable Adaptive Audio on Mac

    Of course also i Mac owners can use adaptive audio with their AirPods Pro.

    To do this just click on the AirPods icon in the menu bar and select Adaptive in the tab Noise control.

    To change the settings of this mode just go to the System settingsselect the earphones you are using and choose Adaptive among the various noise cancellation modes available.

    As just seen, even on Mac, enabling and managing adaptive audio features is a truly immediate operation which with a few simple clicks allows anyone to make the most of the potential of their AirPods Pro.

  • 4. Adaptive audio, other compatible devices

    Clearly the use of adaptive audio AirPods Pro can be used with any device in the Apple ecosystem, including the Apple Watch not Apple TV.

    In the case of the famous smart watch from the Cupertino giant, to use this function simply tap on the icon AirPlay while playing any content and select the option Adaptive.

    To enable adaptive noise control on Apple TV, however, just open the Control Centerto select l’icona AirPods and then select the option again Adaptive and use the function with complete peace of mind even with your Apple smart TV.

  • 5. Adaptive audio and conversation detection

    Among the other settings that can be used by the user to improve their listening experience are those relating to conversation tracking which, again through microphones and proprietary algorithms, allow the Apple AirPods Pro Of detect the start of a conversationautomatically adapting the audio being played.

    Therefore, with this mode it is possible interact with other people nearby even when wearing headphones which, as soon as the user starts speaking, will automatically detect the start of the conversation by lowering the volume, amplifying the interlocutor’s voices and activating the noise cancellation algorithms.

    Not just music and multimedia content, therefore, but thanks to the great work done by Apple engineers it is possible to use the AirPods Pro in any situation, with the possibility of adapting the earphones to every need, also significantly improving live conversations and, of course , without the need to remove the device from your ears.

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