Add bluetooth in the car (and on the car radio)

Bluetooth car The modern car radios, including those already installed on the new cars, are equipped with an integrated Bluetooth receiver, very useful for making hands-free calls and for listening to music stored in the device’s internal memory or streaming from services such as Spotify, YouTube Music and the like. In fact, Bluetooth has become one of the most exploited functions on all new cars, also considering that more and more apps are able to integrate with the on-board computer, bringing the mobile experience even inside the car (always with maximum security), also thanks to the operating systems Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
However, if we have a car radio a few years ago that does not have a Bluetooth receiver, we can use some innovative and economical systems for adding Bluetooth
in any car
, without necessarily having to change the whole car! The recommended methods will allow you to integrate Bluetooth and to be able to connect any wireless smartphone, so as to answer calls without touching the phone and to stream music at the highest quality.

How to add Bluetooth in the car

Based on the type of car radio and car in our possession, we have gathered here below all the methods we can use to add Bluetooth in the car, spending in any case very low figures in most cases.

AUX Bluetooth receivers

The simplest Bluetooth receivers we can use have one AUX socket so that they can be connected to the AUX input on the car radio or on the dashboard.
Bluetooth AUX

The smaller models have an internal rechargeable battery (via USB cable and cigarette lighter) and can be positioned directly on the AUX socket, so as to minimize the overall dimensions. Once connected, it will be possible to connect up to two phones with Bluetooth technology to the receiver, so as to be able to send the audio of calls and music apps to our car.
The best models of Bluetooth AUX receivers are available below:

  1. Bluetooth receiver, Wireless Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Aux output (€ 7)
  2. Alfort Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver, Wireless Bluetooth Mini Receiver Adapter (€ 8)
  3. Bluetooth Receiver / Car Kit, WisFox (€ 8)
  4. TaoTronics A2DP Bluetooth Receiver, Wireless Adapter (€ 12)
  5. Mpow Bluetooth Receiver 5.0 A2DP (€ 14)

Bluetooth FM receivers

If our car radio or our car is too old to have an AUX input, we can use Bluetooth FM receivers to bring the technology even to cars prior to the 2000s.
Bluetooth FM

These small receivers connect to the cigarette lighter socket for electricity and transmit on FM frequency (the same as the radio stations); to be able to use them, simply choose a free frequency with the integrated selector, tune the car radio to the same frequency and finally connect our Bluetooth smartphone to the receiver. From now on the call audio and the music of the music phone apps will be transmitted on the assigned FM frequency, so as to be audible even on the old car radio. In addition to transmitting the sound, these small devices also offer charging sockets for the phone, so you can recharge while listening to music or making calls.
The best models of Bluetooth FM receivers are available below:

  1. Bovon Bluetooth Transmitter for Auto Wireless FM (€ 16)
  2. Bluetooth 4.2 FM Transmitter for Cars with QC 3.0 Bluetooth Radio (€ 16)
  3. Mpow FM Transmitter Bluetooth, FM Transmitter for Auto Radio (€ 17)
  4. Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Cars, Radio Adapter (€ 17)
  5. Nulaxy Bluetooth FM transmitter with the screen (€ 19)

Portable Bluetooth hands-free kit

A high practical method to add Bluetooth in the car involves the use of portable Bluetooth speakers, adapted to be fixed at a particular point in the car (Bluetooth hands-free kit).
Bluetooth handsfree

These devices are positioned on the driver’s side sun visor and allow you to integrate Bluetooth for smartphone calls or to launch voice commands from Google or Siri. They are less practical for listening to music since the audio would only come from the driver’s side without spreading throughout the interior.
The best models of portable Bluetooth hands-free kits are available below:

  1. Smake Bluetooth 4.1 Car Handsfree with Voice Control (€ 18)
  2. AGPTEK Car Bluetooth Handsfree 4.2 with Voice Commands (€ 19)
  3. Besign BK02 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit (€ 19)
  4. Aigoss Bluetooth 4.2 Handsfree for Cars with Siri and Google Assistant (€ 19)
  5. Avantree CK11 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit (€ 29)

New Bluetooth car radio

If our car allows you to change the car radio, we can choose one new car radio with an integrated Bluetooth receiver, so as not to have to use any new external device.
Bluetooth car radio

All we have to do is remove the old car radio and place the new one, taking care to reconnect all the cables (we can get help in this type of work from an electrician). Once the new car radio is in place, simply connect the smartphone to it via Bluetooth and start playing the music you want; the modern car radios are also able to handle incoming calls, so you can answer and stop the music without having to take your hands off the wheel.
The best Bluetooth car radios we can buy for our car are available below:

  1. Majestic SD 249 BT RDS USB AX – Bluetooth Car Radio (€ 33)
  2. Sony DSX-A410BT Car Radio without CD Player, Dual Bluetooth (€ 69)
  3. Pioneer S300 0bt multifunctional CD Radio with Bluetooth (76 €)
  4. Kenwood KMM-BT304 Digital Car Radio (€ 76)
  5. JVC KD-T702BT – Car radio with dual Bluetooth hands-free (99 €)


With a very small cost, we can add Bluetooth to any car, so you can stream music without limits using the car’s speakers. If we do not like to have too many devices connected in the dashboard and the radio is replaceable, the most comfortable way is certainly the replacement of the car radio with a newer one with Bluetooth support.

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