7 extensions to search for streets on maps using Google Chrome and improve the display of Google Maps

Google Maps Extensions Google Maps is the world’s most used mapping and navigation site, but it can be made even more powerful and comprehensive by installing different extensions dedicated to Google Mapsdesigned to implement the functions that the navigator lacks or to obtain even more information and advice.

In this guide we will therefore show you the best chrome extensions for google mapsdownloadable for free from the store integrated within the Google browser.

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1) Send To Google Maps

The first extension to install immediately on our browser is Send To Google Maps.

This addon will allow you to immediately search for a place, a city or an address simply by selecting it from the Internet page we are visiting at that moment (right-click on the selection and click on the name of the extension).

In the options of the extension it is possible to set up to 5 predefined departure destinations: by selecting the cities or destinations on the web pages we will also obtain the best itineraries, so as to be able to obtain detailed information on the next trip to be made.

2) Scribble maps

Scribble maps it is a great extension for those who use Google Maps a lot and create a lot of road maps and routes.

In fact, Scribble allows you to improve maps and draw on them: we can draw lines with the mouse on the map opened in Google Chrome and set different types of markers, both graphic and textual.

Any map drawn using Scribble can be exported as a Google Earth file or saved to your PC as an image file.

3) Routers

Does the route marked by Google Maps seem too long and chaotic? We can improve the routes identified by Google Maps integrated an extension like Router.

Routora can be started every time we create a route on Google Maps: by pressing on the extension we will get a new route optimized to be able to travel the shortest distanceso as to save on fuel consumption without ending up in some unknown or country road.

Routora is practically indispensable for those who want clear and precise routes to get to their destination.

4) GMaps2GPX

Who owns a satellite navigator integrated in the car can get directions for a specific route or a new map using the extension GMaps2GPX.

This extension is designed for convert maps and routes created on Google Maps into GPX filesie the files that can be loaded on the vast majority of satellite navigators present in the software supplied with the cars.

If we prefer to use Google Maps when we are in the car but do not want to use Android Auto o Apple CarPlaywe can use this extension to create new maps and routes to be reached with the car’s GPS.

5) ScrollMaps

Another extension that we can install to add functions to Google Maps is ScrollMaps.

This extension allows you to use pinch on the MacBook touchpad (or other compatible laptops) for zoom in or out on the siteso as to avoid necessarily having to connect a mouse and use the wheel to apply the right zoom level.

6) Free Route Planner for Google Maps

Among the extensions to try for Google Maps stands out Free Route Planner for Google Mapsalso called Zeo.

The extension works similarly to what we already saw on Routora: optimize the route and the destination enteredso as to always obtain the shortest route on the map thus avoiding the absurd turns that the Maps algorithm generates more and more often.

7) Cost of driving in Google Maps

For those who travel a lot by car, the extension to install immediately is Cost of driving in Google Maps.

This addon shows the fuel cost of each individual car tripso that we know in advance when we will spend based on the type of car.

At the first start we will have to configure the fuel type (with automatic price recovery system) and set the consumption of our vehicle (in liters every 100 kilometres); after entering this data, simply create a new destination and check the Google Maps search results, where we will also find (next to the indication of the kilometers to travel) the cost of fuel for the journey.


The extensions recommended in this guide will allow you to add new features to Google Maps every time we open the site from the Google Chrome browser.

We will thus be able to obtain more precise information on the route to be taken, search for any destination starting from a word or phrase taken from a site, find out how much fuel we consume for the journey and we can also export the routes and maps for the GPS navigators integrated in the cars.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to use Google Maps as Navigator come on what are the most useful and hidden Google Maps features.


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