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Adobe Flash, how it works and how to use it

Adobe Flash he retired several years ago and, despite the security problems and on the stabilitythere were many users who commonly used it, for example, to play those old ones games on the web.

For this reason, many were not happy with this “sudden” closure, despite the fact that it was well known incompatibility with mobile devicesstill remains a must have, one of the protagonists of the internet that once was.

Given this nostalgia, there are many siti ei programmi who still use this software, despite the negative opinion of security experts who consider it to be one imprudent choice.

Return to use Adobe Flash Player It’s possible, you have to do it in a roundabout way but it could be the perfect opportunity to remember the old days. Let’s find out more.

  • 1. What happened to Adobe Flash

    For the above problems, Adobe Flash, after years of honorable service it was decommissioned.

    Most of the sites and applications used this software they gradually disappeared or have been updated with web protocols more modern, considered more reliable and more functional.

    Not all, and the more “modest” platforms they remained stuck in the past, only that instead of multimedia content, there were white spaces or error messages.

    Despite the official support officially ended on December 31, 2020 and although the company has deleted all downloads from the official sitethe platform continues to proliferate in roundabout ways, bringing the joy of many.

    It must be remembered, however, that the functioning of these alternatives is not optimal and, often, reference must be made to old versions of the program (among other things also considered unsafe) o software that emulate its functionality.

    Therefore, Using such products is not recommended because it could become a problem for the PC and his safetyat the same time, for all those nostalgics who cannot do without them, they can represent the last lifeline.

  • 2. How to use an old version of Adobe Flash

    As just said Adobe has removed all download links of Flash available for everyone up to December 2020.

    Besides, the company also has blocked the execution ofplan starting from version and subsequent versions. Therefore, even if you still have Flash installed on your PC, this limitation will automatically stop the execution of players and all content on web pages that still use this system.

    To go back to using Flash, therefore, you will need to download version which, despite being quite dated, still works more or less well.

    Naturally, on the official website it is no longer available for some time but there are dozens and dozens of pages on the web that still allow downloading.

    Could be be risky and the user might come across virus various but, this is the only system to still use an official version of Adobe’s software.

    If then, this specific release was already installed on the PC and had by chance never been updated, then there will be no problem and despite some “visual glitches” you can easily use the various applications on the web.

    Clearly, to make an old version of Flash work properly you will need a PC with a equally dated operating systemor use one virtual machine to emulate everything and continue using your own content.

  • 3. Alternative programs to Flash Player

    For those who, however, are unable to download Flash or, naturally, are afraid of viruses and threats of any nature, the best solution is to opt for one of the many free emulators present on the internet.

    Among these we highlight Ruffle which, in addition to being totally free, it is also open source ecan be used freely on Windows, MacOS e Linux.

    Then, for those who have saved some old Flash game or some application for their website on their computer, with Ruffle they will be able to run it easily and without too much difficulty. Likewise, the program is also capable of making the old ones work again multimedia content on the various siteseven if full compatibility cannot be assured for obvious reasons.

    Another application is Lightsparktoo free, open source it’s available per Windows e Linux.

    It should be noted, however, that neither is Lightspark it is 100% reliable and, indeed, several applications may not work, simply displaying an error message.

    Finally, it is important to know that for videos in FLV format (used to play multimedia content on various websites) no emulator is needed but you can easily use any media player, VLC and everything will work as usual.

  • 4. What to do with Flash sites

    If anyone had on their own personal site even videos or animations in Flash and if you really don’t want to part with them, the best choice is download them to your computer and launch them using one of the two emulators above.

    Alternatively you can think of convert such media files into something more modern like an MP4 and, in that case, you will be able to get back online in no time and continue to entertain visitors to the web page but with a more recent extension and, above all, working without any problem.

    If, however, the entire site was built with Adobe Flash, things change and it may be necessary to “raze it to the ground” and start again from scratch, perhaps using a more current solution, such as WordPressfor example.

    Of course, it might be appropriate before writing down the page save multimedia contents and archive them on your computer or perhaps convert them and upload them to the new site being created.

  • 5. What happened to games and cartoons

    Two other peculiarities of Adobe Flash were the thousands of games e cartoons which have crowded the web since the end of the 90s, becoming, in many cases, real cults.

    Of course all these contents were destined to disappear at the end of the program but, fortunately, someone collected them and archived them neatly, like the site Internet Archive which jealously preserves more than 2500 different games which can be played via Ruffle even without the need to download them.

    Apart from this there are dozens of “container sites” for old games and cartoons, just do a quick search on Google and relive the years gone by in style.


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