Adobe Illustrator: Enhance your designs with this new AI tool

Several days after Adobe Firefly arrives in Photoshop, the creative design giant is betting again on generative AI by releasing a new set of tools for Adobe Illustrator. The most notable solution introduced in the application is Generative Recolor, a feature that allows you to change colors, themes, fonts and other details of graphic projects in Illustrator simply through text prompts. Let’s find out more about this feature!

Adobe Illustrator powers up with generative AI

Today’s announcement confirms Adobe’s willingness to integrate a wide range of AI solutions into its tools for designers, photographers and marketers. In this specific case, Generative Recolor aims to help users quickly update the colors and fonts of a design using more or less complex text strings.

Available in beta on Adobe Illustrator, it allows you to create and edit logos, posters and other designs for websites or physical products using descriptive suggestions. For example, “neon pop” and “fall foliage” are sufficient strings in order to offer variations of color palettes for designs in progress.

Adobe Illustrator Generative Recolor IA

With text prompts, Generative Recolor uses Firefly to generate renders of scenes and themes, extracts color palettes and applies them to the user’s open project. So it all happens leveraging the Firefly AI model trained on hundreds of millions of public domain images, sourced from Creative Commons, Wikimedia and Flickr Commons, as well as Adobe Stock.

As stated by Alexandru Costin, vice president of generative AI at Adobethe one that has now arrived on Adobe Illustrator is just one of the many innovations coming to improve the graphic design experience through artificial intelligence: “Creatives will not be replaced by artificial intelligence, they will compete with those who use AI”he added.


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