Adobe launches a new logo to tag AI-generated images

On Tuesday Adobe announced a new logo, designed to indicate when an image (and not only) has been generated or modified using tools Artificial intelligence.

The symbol, created in collaboration with other entities operating in the sector as part of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), aims to bring transparency into content creation and reduce the impact of disinformation or gods deepfake online. Despite these premises, however, it is not clear whether the introduction of this logo could actually prove effective.

On the graphic side, the symbol resembles the two lowercase letters “CR”, enclosed in a sort of bubble with a right angle at the bottom right. This should appear where the presence of AI-processed metadata is checked, whether it is file PDF, Photo o video.

The symbol will be added automatically, when using certain tools (such as AI image generators). In other cases, however, the logo may be included by the software used in software such as Adobe Photoshop o Premiere. Furthermore, it seems, it will soon be adopted by too Bing Image Creator.

Adobe has partnered with organizations such as BBC, Microsoft, Nikon e Truepic to develop the system Content Credentials as part of C2PA, a group that aims to establish technical standards for certifying the origin and provenance of digital content.

Adobe refers to the CR symbol as “transparency icon” and C2PA chose these two letters which mean the “credentials” linked to the content, avoiding potential confusion with Creative Commons icons (CC).

According to Adobe, the CR logo will become as common as the copyright symbol in the near future. The same company has compared this acronym to a “digital nutrition label” or to a list of ingredients that “compose” the multimedia support.

“This ingredient list will display verified information as key context so people can be confident in what they are looking at,” C2PA wrote about it on its website.


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