Adsl and fixed operator: what to evaluate when choosing or changing

Change or choice of fixed and ADSL operator: what are the aspects to be evaluated and the main information to be taken into account? Below is a short and intuitive guide to carry out these procedures in all simplicity.
Adsl and fixed operator: what to evaluate when choosing or changing

When deciding to activate or change landline and ADSL telephone operators, many aspects must be taken into consideration, among which, the most important is precisely that of the convenience of the offer.

To consult the offers on the free market and to have support in choosing and activating the line, you can rely on online guides and specialized platforms, such as operator-telefonico -fixed-internet-adsl /.

The aspects to be evaluated before changing the fixed telephone operator and ADSL

The first element to consider are the cancellation costs. If the contract with the old telephone company is terminated before its effective expiration, the customer may be charged with expenses depending on the type of active contract. If the costs are excessive, it is better to wait for the promotion to expire and then activate a new one. As a rule, however, changing landline telephone operators always has advantages since there are always advantageous and economical offers for new customers.

Before changing operator it is advisable to make sure you have a rate for many years, as they are generally the most expensive ones (obviously it may happen that even the most recent contracts have not convenient rates). In these cases, in fact, the savings could amount to approximately between € 200 and € 400. To choose the most convenient offer, you need to be aware of your daily needs in relation to the service requested; therefore, evaluate if the use of landline and Internet is reduced or if it is frequent and daily.

A particularly common mistake is to decide right away without comparing the offers and, of course, all the services offered, the possible packages, the promotions for the first year, the consumer reviews and the speed of the line.

Change fixed telephone operator and ADSL main information

Before making the change you need to be aware of some simple information:

  • You must contact the new telephone operator with the migration code, which is essential to keep your telephone number;
  • Make sure you have selected a better offer than you have;
  • The change of supplier will take place within 30 days;
  • 14 days is the maximum time limit to withdraw from the contract;
  • After the 14 days a technician will show up at home and start the migration.

How to change telephone operator: the steps

The change of the fixed telephone operator takes place in a few steps:

  • The new telephone operator is contacted to inform him of the desire to change landline telephone operator;
  • The customer must provide the new operator with the migration code (alphanumeric string of 7-8 digits) present in the bill and user identification;
  • The new operator will have the burden of informing the old supplier of the termination of the contract and will begin the procedures for the change of the fixed telephone operator.
  • According to AGCOM regulations, the change will take place within a maximum of 30 days and the costs, as mentioned above, will depend on the contracts stipulated previously. The cost of the arrears if you are changing fixed telephone operator before the end of the contract is a sum that varies from operator to operator, if instead the contract has expired, the changeover will be free. Finally, thanks to portability, your telephone number can remain unchanged.

    Useful information to know for the Internet line

    As for the Internet line, the choice is between ADSL, fiber and radio. ADSL travels over copper wires at a speed of 20 MB per second, which is why it is considered considerably slower than fiber. The latter is divided into FTTC (200 MB per second) and FTTH (5000 MB per second), both are performing but the second is not yet available throughout the territory. The new telephone operator chosen will adopt the best performing technology available for your address. Finally, there is radio (FWA) which is a connection that travels through radio waves, suitable for those who live in isolated places.

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