Advanced SystemCare to speed up Windows (free)

Advanced SystemCare Advanced SystemCare di IOBit is one of the most popular Windows programs for optimizing and cleaning up Windows. By starting this program we will be able to find the right computer configuration, automatically correcting system errors, cleaning the disk from references and files that are no longer valid or obsolete and recognizing which services to disable to make the PC go faster.

It is a type of program that was very fashionable a few years ago, of those that do a bit of everything by themselves by checking installed programs and file folders, similar to the famous TuneUP (not free) and Glary Utilities free (free).
In the guide that follows we will show you what are the functions of Advanced SystemCare and we’ll show you how to download your own copy of the program, so you can get started right away speed up Windows 11 or Windows 10 in a completely automatic way.

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1) First program start

Advanced SystemCare To accommodate less experienced users, SystemCare starts in simplified mode showing a single button and hiding most of the commands and options. This mode is also called AI Fashionsince it uses advanced artificial intelligence to optimize Windows and make it really fast even if we are not expert users.

Among the functions included in the program we also find a handy widget, which will be placed in the upper right corner of the desktop showing the consumption of RAM and CPU in real time, so you can see in real time when our PC starts to slow down. due to running out of RAM or processor overload.

2) Care menu

Treatment Inside the Care menu there is the big button to automatically optimize the system with a minimum level of user interaction. To start this mode let’s make sure that AI mode is activethen we press the key Scan. At the end of the scan we apply the changes by pressing the button Repair.

The advice we can give you is to immediately switch to Manual mode: it is always advisable to check what this type of programs do and to have the possibility to deactivate some operations that we consider superfluous or useless.

3) Speed ​​up menu

Speed ​​up He menu Speed ​​up offers some cool features to make any computer really fast and snappy, including laptops or desktop PCs with a few years on their backs. Turbo Boost mode disables system services and auto-starting programs to make your computer lightning fast when we start heavy programs or video games, while the Startup Optimization item deactivates the programs that surely slow down the computer every time the computer starts.

In the same screen we find the hardware accelerator (which detects obsolete drivers and allows you to update them), the cleaner of the toolbars and advertising apps (useless), the real-time performance monitoring system and other optimization tools (many of which included in the Pro version only).

4) Protection

Protection In the menu Protection we will have access to functions designed to ensure maximum security on our computer. In the free version of Advanced SystemCare we can get the monitoring of the security tools already included (Antivirus, Firewall), activate the protection of access to private files and folders, protect the browser from emails and dangerous links and activate the protection of the identity via dedicated VPN.

Most of the functions on this screen are provided by other programs from the IObit company (the same as Advanced SystemCare) or are included in the paid version of the program. The advice we can give you is to activate all the security items included in the free version and use the Care menu to find any security holes.

5) Software updates

Software Updates This menu allows you to quickly update obsolete programs on your PC, in order to always have updated software free of security bugs.

It is advisable to check this Advanced SystemCare menu often, starting immediately the download and installation of programs that we have not yet updated on our system. We remind you that most viruses and cyber attacks start thanks to outdated programs: we constantly keep applications updated to make your PC a safer place.

6) Action Center

Action Center By starting the Action Center we will have access to all IObit programs, some of which are essential to enrich the optimization and cleaning capabilities of Advanced SystemCare.

We recommend that you install the programs on your computer Driver Updater, Uninstaller, Game Booster and (if we have an iPhone) the program IPhone management. Many of these programs will unlock new features in the menu Speed ​​up and in the menu Treatmentproviding free tools to make Windows really fast.

7) Toolbox

Toolbox Advanced SystemCare is full of tools to make Windows faster, but in most cases they are integrated into the automated options, therefore hardly configurable. If we are geeks and want to change some tool options, press the toolbox-shaped icon at the top to open the menu with all the tools present in Advanced SystemCare.

From here we can start the system to customize Windows 10, the DNS protection system, the automatic shutdown schedule, create a copy of Advanced SystemCare portable, change the default programs, search for large files and much more.


Advanced SystemCare is a great program to optimize and speed up Windows 11 or Windows 10, thanks to the presence of numerous free tools and functions. We strongly advise you to install Advanced SystemCare on your system, since it is one of the few that still has a good number of functions without having to pay for a license (which is now constant on all famous programs, where you can not do practically nothing without paying).

Anyone interested can scaricare Advanced System Care directly from the official website. Attention only that in the installation you have to choose the customized version, avoiding the installation of other sponsored tools.

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