AhMyth Android Trojan: What it is and how to avoid infection

AhMyth Android Trojan: What it is and how to avoid infection

Cyber ​​threats in the environment Androidcertainly not lacking. Among many malware that attack the mobile operating system, the trojan AhMyth it is not among the best known to users but it is one of the most dangerous with which one can have to do.

Its method of infection is through deceptive software (from games to apps dedicated to cryptocurrencies), e-mail phishing e malicious websites.

Once installed on a device, malware requires various permissions, including some that allow it to stay active after a reboot. AhMyth communicates with a command and control server (C2) with the threat actor acting by remotely executing commands on the phone, stealing various types of information.

In this sense, the trojan also accesses microphone e camerain addition to the SMS and to geolocation of the device. The main target of cybercriminals are banking or cryptocurrency wallet credentials, but also one-time passwords (OTP) and messages in the context ofmulti-factor authentication.

AhMyth takes advantage of different attack vectors to spread online

As already mentioned, this malware exploits different vectors for its spread. In that sense, you need to follow some generic procedures to avoid potential infection.

Second Check Pointto avoid unwanted contact with AhMyth in the business context is very important train staff, providing them with adequate prevention tools. Always in the working context, adopt solutions Mobile Device Management (MDM), capable of allowing companies to manage apps on their devices, is a further step towards security.

Similarly, the adoption of antivirus and security suite can help ordinary users effectively counter the Trojan. The same multi-factor authentication, already mentioned, if used with criteria can considerably reduce data theft (and not only).

Regardless of all these solutions finally be especially careful with emails and attachmentsas well as installing new apps, can make a smartphone even more inaccessible for cybercriminals.

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