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AI Alliance, the alliance between Meta, IBM and other companies to take on the AI ​​challenge

Artificial intelligence it is now a reality that offers opportunities to those who work in the digital and technological world, but who it also poses great challenges. Companies are organizing themselves to be able to grasp them and overcome them in the best possible way, not hiding enthusiasm and a little concern about the risks that could arise from AI. It is for this reason that some of the big names in the sector have decided to team up in the name of innovation, the development of new models and safety: Meta Platform Inc. and International Business Machines Corp (IBM), involving over 50 companies and organizations, they created the AI ​​Alliance.

An impressive coalition that has set itself important and ambitious objectives and which could, in the coming years, create highly innovative products. Let’s find out his intentions and future plans.

AI Alliance, what it is and what objectives it has

The AI ​​Alliance is a real coalitionpromoted by two of the most important companies operating in the tech and digital sectors: Metaa company that owns very famous apps and social networks, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and IBM.

An alliance created to face the challenges coming from artificial intelligence, which is affecting every field and which promises to revolutionize every activity carried out on the web and beyond, with the aim of promoting an open community. The themes at the center of attention areaccording to the first statements released by the companies, those of safety and security.

Other objectives that the AI ​​Alliance wants to achieve are those of create technological tools based on open sourceto be able to share knowledge, applications, systems and much more for free, and to enliven the general debate on AI, bringing to light other aspects that have remained obscured until now.

A debate, the one on AI, which has seen above all OpenAI as the protagonist, which after the launch of ChatGPT has established itself as a leader in the sector of the creation and development of artificial intelligence models.

Through the work of the AI ​​Alliance the responsible use of AI systems will be promotedmultimodal and multilingual models will be created for working in climate, education and other sectors, and capacity-building tools will be created to support students and researchers.

AI Alliance, which companies participate in the alliance

There are many companies, universities, organizations and scientific agencies that have decided to follow the IBM and Meta project and to join forces to be able to fill the gap evident result after the development of ChatGPT and the work of OpenAI and to be able to create free and accessible tools.

There are, for example, Cornell University, the National Science Foundation, CERN, Dell Technologies and Intel and others that have already started working on artificial intelligence in recent months. They all said they wanted make your resources availablein economic terms, of knowledge and talent, hardware, software, information and everything necessary to guarantee open, accessible, fast innovation that guarantees opportunities and benefits for all.

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