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AI chatbot, Quora will pay creators who use Poe

It is one of the first programs to financially compensate those who dedicate themselves to the creation of AI-based chatbots. Launched last week, the pioneering project of Quora wants to reward bot creators for their contribution to the platform. The initiative is aimed both at those who create “prompt bots” within the platform and at developers who integrate their “server bots” with the Poe API.

Creators will be able to generate revenue with Poe: here’s how

There are basically two avenues through which bot creators can generate revenue. The first method allows bot creators to earn a share of the revenue when their bot convinces a user to sign up for Poe.

The second method allows bot creators to set a rate per message, with Quora pledging to pay them for each message sent. According to the company, the latter option is expected to be implemented soon. More expensive bots will have limitations on the number of users who can send messages, and some bots will only be accessible to subscribers.

Currently, the Poe creator monetization program is open US users only and offers up to $20 per user who signs up to Poe via a creator’s bots. Each time a user subscribes to Poe, the company awards $10 for a monthly subscription and $20 for an annual subscription.

This sum is distributed among creators who monetize and successfully convert activations and paywalls for that subscription. For payment processing, Stripe was elected.

The benefits of Quora’s monetization program

Quora predicts that this program will enable smaller companies and artificial intelligence research groups to bring their AI chatbot applications to the public, even if they don’t have the resources to develop them independently.

Furthermore, this program actually allows Poe to recruit new subscribers through an affiliate program-like system, strengthening its competitive advantage over various AI chatbot apps, many of which are already enjoying significant financial success on mobile platforms compared to ChatGPT.

Il CEO of Quora, Adam D’Angeloexpressed optimism about the development potential of various types of bots, in areas such as tutoring, knowledge sharing, therapy, entertainment, assistance, analytics, storytelling, role-playing and media generation.

Because we are in the embryonic stage of this market, D’Angelo said, there are multiple opportunities to offer a valuable service globally while simultaneously making profits.

Poe gains ground in the AI ​​market

Quora introduced Poe to the general public in February giving users the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from various AI chatbotsincluding those created by OpenAI, the mastermind behind ChatGPT, and other companies like Amazon and Google-backed Anthropic.

In addition to serving as test bed for consumers to explore new artificial intelligence technologies in a single space, the content generated on Poe served toevolution of the Quora site. If Poe’s content reaches the desired quality standards, it will be shared on the Q&A platform, potentially reaching 400 million monthly visitors to the site.

Meanwhile, Poe has been steadily gaining ground in the burgeoning AI chatbot market. According to data from ApptopiaPoe’s mobile app picked up 253.530 download during the first month of public availability.

As of October 24th boasts over 18.4 million installations it’s almost 1.22 million monthly active users. However, Apptopia estimates indicate that Poe currently generates less than a quarter of a million dollars in revenue from in-app purchases each month.

It’s worth noting that many Poe users may interact with the chatbot platform via the web and subscribe via the $19.99 monthly or $199.99 annual plan, so the app’s overall financial picture may be more complex.

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