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AI comes to Photoshop with Adobe Firefly, how it works

Generative artificial intelligence is able to create images, videos, texts and other contents automatically and consistently with the requests and needs of users. It is a solution extremely appreciated by many, which is ready to land on Photoshop to allow those who use the platform for professional reasons or for pleasure to obtain increasingly accurate, original and satisfactory results.

Adobe introduces it to all of its Creative Cloud suite apps with Firefly, an innovative service to be discovered.

Firefly, the new service from Adobe

Is called Firefly and it’s a service that Adobe decided to develop for increase the tools made available to users who choose to use the company’s applications. It is a project that, although it was launched in March, is still in development and will take some time before being ready for the final release.

After months of planning it is currently in the testing phase and some lucky users can already try many of its features in preview and provide guidance to developers and allow them to refine the tool. Some features are already available in apps like Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and other.

Adobe has ensured that will continue to invest in artificial intelligence and especially on Firefly, which will be improved throughout 2023.

Generative Fill, the tool specifically designed for Photoshop

Together with Firefly it is being tested too Generative Fill, a specific tool of the new Adobe solution that will enrich Photoshop and that will allow all users to edit photos substantially, adding or removing elements, quickly

Adobe said it will be about a content-based generative fill, which will operate non-destructively using some text prompts, i.e. short descriptions. Thanks to Generative Fill, a few seconds will be enough to distort the photographs and improve them.

A job that can be completed even by those who have less familiarity and experience with Photoshop. THE content used by Generative Fill they will be taken from company-owned Adobe Stock images or other sources that have an open license.

There will be no issues related to copyright restrictions. With the Content Credentials, which function as information labelsit is always possible to know if the content was created or modified through artificial intelligence.

While Adobe Firefly is only accessible to a select few beta users, Generative Fill will soon be available to all users. The release is expected in the second half of 2023.

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