AI features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Let’s take a closer look at the artificial intelligence functions included in the new Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung’s top of the range

IA Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Artificial intelligence definitively lands on mobile phones with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultrawhich pioneers a series of features that we will find on all modern phones in a few years from now.

There are fantastic AI-powered features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra the use of which can radically change the use of the phone, in an era where artificial intelligence is rapidly replacing traditional apps to do everything.

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1) Generate AI images for the background

The first AI function we find on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is related to AI generative images, usable as phone wallpaper.

Instead of using standard wallpapers or downloading some from the Internet we can create unique wallpapers. For the creation of images we can choose between various topics and adjust different variables, scrolling through the AI ​​proposals until we find the perfect personalized background.

For further information we can read the guide to best AI image generators to create art from text.

2) Circle and search function

Another artificial intelligence function present on Samsung is Circle and Searchdesigned to make on-screen searches much more modern and effective than typing text.

With this function you just need to circle the phrase, image or element you want to search for and one will start visual search on Google, using Google Lens features to identify the product or selection; if we use the function with the text we can copy text elements where it is usually not allowed, creating AI notes.

A similar function can be integrated on phones by reading the guide above how to copy text from an image or photo on Android and iPhone.

3) AI summary and transcription

In the Samsung browser we can use artificial intelligence to obtain gods quick summaries of any type of text: passages, articles or guides that are very long and difficult to read.

By pressing the specific browser button the text will be summarized in a few paragraphs, making it much easier to read; a special reading mode will also be activated which makes everything much clearer, without the graphic elements of the site.

The AI ​​summary system also works well with voice recordings; after recording a meeting, for example, we can summarize the entire text, transcribing and summarizing what was said.

On the same topic we can read the guide above how to create summaries and summaries of web pages and texts.

4) Real-time call translator

One of the most promoted AI features on the new Samsung Galaxy is AI Translatewhich integrates into the calling app and allows you to make calls to users in a foreign language, translating for us what we say.

Definitely an innovative feature: while we speak, the user on the other end will hear the translation directly and not our voice and, vice versa, we will hear the translation of what is being said to us. They are supported over 100 languages e the AI ​​translation engine also works offline (with limitations).

For further information we can read the guide above How to use Voice Translator and translate simultaneously.

5) AI photo edits

In the Gallery app included in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, yes they find AI features usually reserved only for professional programs like Photoshop.

Opening the app Galleria and by selecting a photo we can edit all the defects on the fly using the function Gets bettercapable of removing reflections, light errors, wrong contrasts and colors that are too dull.

AI itself provides a tool Very powerful magic erasercapable of removing or moving entire elements and subjects from the photo (people, obstacles, animals, etc.) simply by holding down the screen and dragging/moving.

On photo modifications based on artificial intelligence we can read the guide to app to replace or modify a face with artificial intelligence.

6) AI text generation from keyboard

Using the Samsung keyboard will allow you to access another very useful AI function: the generation of automatic text based on our desires, on a single sentence or word used as a base.

Pressing the appropriate key on the keyboard will open the command prompt and, by typing a simple word, it will create text to use immediately in the WhatsApp app or in any other app, copying all the content.

For the automatic generation of texts we can read the article ai AI sites for writing and automatic text generators.


The artificial intelligence integrated into the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra it offers nothing different from the functions already seen in ChatGPT or in hundreds of other apps released in the last year.

What makes the difference is that everything is integrated into the phone and the operating systemwithout having to install anything, simply by purchasing the phone and turning on the AI ​​functions integrated into the various apps from time to time.

To learn more we can read the guides above how to activate and use Bing Chat come on how to use ChatGPT Voice to talk to artificial intelligence.

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