AI Pin by Humane will not replace your smartphone: according to reviews, it is a real disaster

AI Pin by Humane will not replace your smartphone: according to reviews, it is a real disaster

One of the most talked about devices of recent months is AI Pin by Humane, a “pin” that would aim to even retire the smartphone. After some problems that forced the company to postpone its launch, the device is now officially on the market and the reviews of the sector press. Was the objective achieved?

With a design clearly inspired by Apple devices, the AI ​​Pin is a wearable accessory that integrates thegenerative artificial intelligence and which is capable of answering questions in real time, taking photos and so on. It is an innovative device that trial to steal the place of iPhone and similar. He tries, but he doesn’t even remotely succeedat least according to the reviews now available online.

AI Pin: Humane’s ambitious device has been rejected in all reviews

The hi-tech brooch (which costs $699 and which forces the user to sign up for a monthly subscription of 24 dollars in order to use it) was rejected by The Verge with a 4 in report card. According to David Pierce, the device too often it doesn’t work (half the time), it’s slow, and it lacks the basic features that users use on a daily basis.

Per CNET, the AI ​​Pin is frustrating to be used in everyday life, with its “display” projected on the palm of the hand not always working on the first try. The gestures are really inconvenient, even for basic operations.

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In his video shared on X, Joanna Sterntech firm of WSJreveals some negative sides of his experience: the absence of a smartphone app to consult the photos taken (you have to use the web browser), the too high temperature of the device after even intense use and the projected “display” almost invisible under sunlight.

The AI ​​Pin has also been rejected by authoritative YouTube faces, such as Mrwhostheboss (“a nightmare”), MrMobile (a device that costs too much and doesn’t do enough) and Marques Brownlee. Perhaps the harshest criticism from the latter: «This device is terrible at almost everything it does».

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