AirTag 2nd Gen, Mac Studio and Mac Pro with M4 among the Apple news for 2025

AirTag 2nd Gen, Mac Studio and Mac Pro with M4 among the Apple news for 2025

Presented in 2021, theAirTag is a small but very useful gadget that allows users to find lost personal items. Among those proposed by the Cupertino giant, it is one of the most purchased accessories (also because the cost is quite low) and in 2025 it could launch itself again to conquer the tracker market with the second generation model.

2nd generation AirTag coming in 2025 along with Mac Studio and Mac Pro with M4

There is the usual signature on the indiscretion Mark Gurman. The journalist of Bloombergvia its newsletter Power Oninforms that the next-generation tracker should debut around half of next year (perhaps in April, as in the case of the gadget now on the market), with the company having already started testing production cycles with its partners in Asia.

The next-gen tracker will bring with it a better location detection and a new U series chip, probably the same one already in use on iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. In this regard, the U1 chip only works over a distance of a few meters (about 10), the second generation of the UWB chip Apple, on the other hand, goes up to 60 meters.


Gurman himself also says a few words about the Mac Pro e Mac Studio. Thanks to the information obtained from his sources, the journalist explains the two Apple desktop computers will not be updated with the chip M4 (currently exclusive to the new iPad Pro) before mid-2025. This means that, barring any surprises, they will both remain “stuck” on the M2 for several months yet.

As regards the laptop category, for Gurman the adoption of the M4 chip (with related variants) for the computer is certain MacBook Pro. For the Air, however, no news in this sense is expected, also because the model with M3 was presented only a few weeks ago.

Still remaining on the news for 2025, there are rumors of an iPhone 17 Slim with a “revolutionary” look and more expensive than the Pro Max model.

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