Alarm: new apps discovered steal data. Here’s what they are and how to protect yourself

There is never much time between one alert and another: hackers are always working to steal user data, as demonstrated by the new alerts launched in the past few hours by well-known digital security experts.
Alarm: new apps discovered steal data.  Here's what they are and how to protect yourself

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After the alerts at the beginning of the month, which warned users of some flaws that plagued Windows, we are back to talk – as regards the Utilities – of the world of smartphones, with some widespread warnings about dangerous data-stealing applications ( infostealer).

The reports in question have come several times, both from researchers Igor Golovin and Tatyana Shishkova of the Russian security house Kaspersky, and from the proactive security team SecneurX, who alerted the public in time, and those responsible, after launching the alarm also on Twitter. Specifically, the first round of malicious applications, all related to Android, included names such as Document Manager, Camera Translator Pro, Coin track Loan – Online loan, PSD Auth Protector, Cool Caller Screen, RGB Emoji Keyboard: of these apps, at least 3 they managed to get to the Play Store, ending up with 5-digit numbers for what concerns the downloads.

The second round of malicious apps detected in Android altitude always includes little known realities, such as Thug Photo EditorAnime Wallpaper, Fast PDF Scanner, Special Photo Editor, Pellet MessagesSmart Keyboard, Air Balloon Wallpaper, Colorful Messenger, Peace SMS, Happy Photo Collage, Original Messenger : in this case, these are apps already reported in the last month, promptly deducted from the Play Store by Google before it was too late.

According to what PhoneArena has announced, most of the apps of this new alarm are currently removed, with the exception of a trio, among which one with more than 50 thousand downloads and an average of 4.8 stars as reviews. In this case, most of the reviews are to be understood as fake, as opposed to the more critical ones, which have launched strong accusations (total false) and highlighted the danger of “fraud”.

The advice given by experts to protect yourself from this new wave of malicious applications, which can cause the same damage as Hydra and Joker, namely to steal data such as credit cards, passwords, email addresses and phone numbers, is to download apps from secure sources, and to read the reviews one by one, especially the critical ones, without dwelling on the average rating, often adulterated by art.


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