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Alexa, how to use the intelligent assistant to help people with limited mobility

Technology has a high impact on people’s lives, both negatively, with constant distractions and stimuli, and positively, simplifying the process of some actions and daily activities. In particular, devices with the integration of Alexa, an intelligent voice assistant developed by Amazon, can offer valid support to the most fragile people, with sensory disabilities or with limited mobility.

To understand how Alexa can become the heart of an intelligent home, inclusive and accessible to all, is needed learn about the functions of the voice assistant and the devices you have and how you can manage your home through the simple use of your voice.

Alexa, what it is, which devices it can be integrated with and how to use it

alexa devices

Alexa is a voice assistant developed and launched by Amazon and based on artificial intelligence. He is able to understand human language and communicate with people using his voice alone and is capable of providing information or carrying out specific actions after receiving commands.

The voice assistant can be used through compatible devices on which the system is integrated. The most widespread and functional ones are Amazon’s Echoes, smart speaker specially designed to allow the use of Alexa, but it is also compatible with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, earphones, headphones, soundbars, TVs and much more through the official Alexa application.

Devices in Amazon’s Echo ecosystem all come with microphone, speakers and wi-fi connectivity. The latest generation ones have color screens, which show information and images, and cameras. You can choose between models that differ in format, size, audio power, presence of display and other details based on your needs. They are easy to set up, thanks to a guided procedure and the use of the app available for both Android-supported devices and those equipped with the iOS operating system.

Before purchasing the device needed to use Alexa, it is a good idea to reflect on your needs and the features it must possess

To activate them and start interacting, that’s enough say the activation word and then ask your question or give a command. The one set automatically is ‘Alexa’, but it can be easily changed via the application and choosing from those proposed.

Alexa, the features that make a home smart

alexa security camera

There are many activities that can be carried out with Alexa, but among the most appreciated and interesting ones is the possibility of connecting the voice assistant with other devices for a home automation compatible and make the home smart and inclusive.

Smart bulbs can be connected to control the lights through Alexawi-fi sockets to which you can connect household appliances of all kinds and turn them on and off with the sole use of your voice, cameras and security systems, thermostats, shutters, switches, air conditioners and air conditioners, air purifiers, robot vacuum cleaners, smart TVs, remote controls and more.

This allows you to manage your home even remotely or with the simple use of your voice. This is a great advantage for people who have limited mobilitysince they can carry out the simplest tasks without necessarily having to resort to the help of another human being.

Alexa, the most useful features for people with limited mobility

Alexa voice command device

Through voice commands, Alexa can make your daily life easier of those who have difficulties. Turning the lights on and off through words may seem like a superfluous convenience, but for the most fragile it is a real advantage.

As well as switching on and off is possible control the lighting level, color and temperature of the light. With the use of smart sockets and slippers you are able to turn off and on some appliances with a quick voice command, without having to go to the room where they are located.

Likewise, you can turn smart TVs on and off, start playing movies or music, take advantage of smart thermostats and change the room temperaturestart cleaning using a robot vacuum cleaner capable of moving throughout the house and planning cleaning days and times without having to directly maneuver objects.

With Alexa, shopping or shopping for necessary goods is simplified, which can be done through the voice assistant by indicating what you need and the delivery address

In this way, your day can be managed more easily. Alexa can be asked to announce the latest news, to set reminders or alarms, to read an ebook or play an audiobook, to search for information on the weather or traffic, a recipe or simple curiosities to which it responds drawing from reliable sources . Video calls can be mademake quick simple or complex calculations, prepare shopping lists or take notes.

The Alexa experience is highly customizablethanks to presence of skills, which can be used for free or for a fee, which add new features. These are processed by third parties and allow Amazon’s virtual assistant to perform further tasks according to its needs. Among these there are those that allow, for example, to order take-away food.

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