Aliro, open standard for smart locks supported by Apple, Google, Samsung and Qualcomm

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), an agreement which sees the direct participation of the most well-known “big names” in the industry, has the indisputable merit of having brought together all the producers around a table in order to define and promote a common standard for the world ofInternet of Things. In its most updated version, Matter 1.2 is truly revolutionizing the world ofautomation and devices for smart home. Now it’s time to accessanother open standard strongly supported by CSA, which has already received the support of Apple, Google, Samsung and Qualcomm, as well as some of the main manufacturers of smart locks.

Aliro: what it is and how unlocking smart locks works with any device

Yes, because Aliro wants to be a standardized communication protocol which allows smart locks, access readers and user client devices (smartphones, smartwatches and wearable devices) to communicate without difficulty. With Aliro, any authorized device can safely unlock smart locks in your home, office, gym or other location, regardless of the smartphone and lock manufacturer.

Thanks to a simple approach, Aliro reduces complexity for integration between different systems; And flexible supporting different types of installations and architectures; forms a basis for implementing secure and reliable access solutions. The maxim interoperability allows devices and players to communicate independently of the manufacturer that made them.

The standard aims to create a common platform where access control vendors and mobile device manufacturers collaborate, eliminating all those obstacles that have historically slowed down innovation.

Thanks to Aliro, product and service providers can offer their business customers solutions that focus onhardware interoperability. On the other hand, residential customers can finally use their phone or a wearable device instead of one physical key to overcome entrances and open doors.

For their part, installers can reduce the complexity of installation and troubleshooting resulting from the use of hardware from different manufacturers.

The point is to build a solution that is widely adopted and reliable, rather than continuing to follow the current market where there are solutions tied to individual companies“said Nelson Henry, president of the working group. Aliro provides a single point of integration that can be used by multiple vendors and with different technologies to securely share login credentials.


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