receive windows 10 notifications Thanks to an excellent application it is now possible to view every notification from your Android phone on your computer.
In this way even if the phone is kept in a pocket, in another room or with a silent ringtone, there will be no danger of missing any message, call, Whatsapp or other types of notification because they will also be displayed on the computer.
This can be achieved without installing any additional program on the computer, using an internal feature of Windows 10 or creating one connection via the Google Chrome browser and the popular Android app PushBullet, of which I have already spoken in the article on how to send note files and links from PC to Android and vice versa.Synchronization Notifications on Windows 10

With the latest version of Windows 10 (starting from the May 2019 update) you can receive notifications received on your Android smartphone on your PC. This type of synchronization, therefore, allows for view phone notifications directly on the computer monitor, in the notifications section of Windows 10 (which opens by pressing the message icon next to the clock).
To make the connection between PC and phone work you need to install the Microsoft application on Android Complement for your phone obviously free. On PC, instead, there is nothing to install, because the application that receives notifications on the PC is already present in Windows 10 with the name: My phone. This app can be found by searching for it on the Start menu and we already talked about it in the guide on how to receive and send SMS from Windows 10.
When you open the app on Windows 10, you will find three features:
Photo, to see the latest photos taken with the phone.
Messages, to send and read the text messages of the connected phone.
Notifications, to see notifications of messages received on Whatsapp, notifications from Facebook or from any installed app.
The connection works via the wifi connection and requires, for the configuration, to authorize all the permissions on the app on Android. First of all, open the app to Complement your phone on Android and follow the wizard. If it is not done automatically, you must go to give the necessary permissions. Open, on Android, then Settings -> App to see the list of installed applications; locate Complement your phone, touch it and then on Permissions grant access to Archive (photo) to Contacts and SMS. Also, you have to go to Settings> Authorizations> notifications (but this menu can be found in different points depending on the phone used) to grant access to notifications (on Huawei it is in Settings> App permissions> Special access).
Finally, before showing all the contents of the phone and sending notifications on the PC, the Windows 10 phone app sends a request to access Android to allow execution.
In the event of problems, try connecting the smartphone and Windows 10 first as explained in another post

Receiving Notifications on Chrome with PushBullet

PushBullet it’s a great application, one of the best for Android, super-fast and free, which allows you to easily transfer data and information between your computer and Android phone with a touch.
The new function is called “notification mirroring” and it works like this: as soon as a notification is displayed on the phone, the same warning is also displayed on the computer in real-time, using Chrome desktop notifications.
Text messages, emails, phone calls also everything else become notified via pop up on the PC and if opened or deleted, they also disappear from Android. There is also the possibility to disable the mirroring of specific notifications, thus avoiding being bombarded with persistent messages and warnings. Notifications can be marked as read directly from the computer by pressing on dismiss.

To activate this function you need to install the Windows PC program or the extension Pushbullet on Chrome or Firefox and the application on Android.
After setting up the account, in the Android app, press the options button at the top right, access the settings and activate the notification mirroring authorizing the app to interact with Android.
That of PushBullet is really, again, the simplest and fastest way to view and manage Android notifications from your computer, without installing heavier applications.

The best alternative to Pushbullet is Chrono App

Chrono App, released in 2018, free and really good, which works in a very similar way to Pushbullet, with an extension for Chrome and Firefox, which allows you to receive Android notifications on PC from the mobile phone connected to the internet and which uses the Android API. To work, you need to install the Crono app on your Android phone and the Crono extension on Chrome on a PC.
When the apps are connected, Crono web shows all your notifications in real-time and also allows you to reply to received messages, call back in case of a missed call and much more. Almost all actions that can be performed on a notification on Android, can be made from PC on Chrome. In addition to this, just like Pushbullet, you can also send files to the device and paste the copy notes and paste onto it. Notifications can also be delayed or hidden on the computer screen.
After the connection is successful, you can try a test ping from the phone to the computer and verify receipt of the notification. All future notifications will be received on Windows: including SMS, Facebook, Gmail, and WhatsApp notifications.

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