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All the services to send faxes online for free

Even though the Internet provides all kinds of means of communication, come on email messages at instant messaging applicationspassing through the video calls and forums, the fax is still one of the means of communication used at a commercial, corporate and public administration level.

And perhaps not everyone knows that to send a fax it is not mandatory to have dedicated equipment or telephone lines, nor to go to a copy shop or tobacconist: it is sufficient to have a computer, a smartphone or a tablet with an Internet connection. In fact, it has been possible for years send fax online for free through some specialized portals.

Here are the best known and most used.

  • 1. Dropbox Fax

    Among the best known international services is Dropbox Fax (formerly known as Hello Fax) which allows you to send free online faxes directly from the web portal. The service is made up of different profiles, each of which is aimed at different types of users: from the one that allows you to send faxes online for free (up to 5 pages per month) up to profiles suitable for medium-large companies, with the possibility of sending up to 1000 pages per month and 20 accounts linked together.

    After creating an account from scratch or using your own Google credentials o l’account Dropboxyou need to click on the item “Send a fax” at the top and wait for the form to send faxes to appear.

    Here you can choose the document to send (a PDF, an image or another type of file), whether to modify it by adding other fields to fill in or your electronic signature, and enter the recipient’s fax number or his mailing address. email.

    Once the operation is completed, you can send the fax for free (making sure that the document does not exceed five pages) by pressing the “Send document” and wait for the operation to complete.

  • 2. MyFax

    MyFax is a service for sending faxes online that offers users a 30-day trial period to test the features and functions usually offered for a fee. During this trial month you will be able to send up to 100 pages of faxes for free and receive (again for free) up to 200 pages.

    Sending a fax online for free, after creating your account, is easy and immediate. The form is made up of three parts: in the first you indicate the telephone number of the recipient of the fax (also in this case it is necessary to enter the international telephone prefix, “+39” for Europe).

    In the second you enter the sender’s data (name of the sender, which company you work for and an email address). The third section, more “operational”, allows you to insert the file to be sent via online fax (the document, in various formats, cannot exceed 10 pages) and the message to attach on the cover.

    Once this operation is completed, you can click on the “Send fax” and wait for the fax to be delivered to the indicated telephone number.

  • 3. Faxator

    To use the services of Faxator it is enough to know how to send a email message. To send a fax online, in fact, just compose an email from the Faxator dashboard by entering “Object” the telephone numbers of the recipients and attaching the files to be sent to the message. Also from the dashboard you can check the faxes sent or received, both from PC and mobile, download the sending receipts and manage the receiving numbers.

    To use Faxator, you must sign up for a subscription: you start from “Small” at €5.90+VAT per month which offers 100 pages/month, then there is the “Large” at €10.90+VAT per month with 300 pages/month, and finally, “xLarge” at €20.90+VAT per month with 1000 pages/month. Plans with rechargeable credits are also available for those who intend to use the service occasionally.

  • 4. Got free fax

    GotFreeFax allows you to send online faxes for free to all numbers in the United States and Canada and for a fee to two hundred other countries. The window for sending faxes is made up of three sections: after selecting the country of destination for the fax, you can fill in the form fields required by the portal.

    In the first section you must enter the sender’s data (name of the person sending the message, company name, fax number and email address). In the second part, the data of the recipient of the fax must be entered (name, fax number and subject), while the third part is used to compose the body of the text.

    You can decide to attach a file (document, PDF or image), or compose everything thanks to the text editor on the screen. Once the operation is completed, you can select the “tariff plan” best suited to your needs (10 pages, 20 pages and 30 pages) and send the fax online.

  • 5. Fax Zero

    Free for USA and Canada, paid for Europe and other countries reached by the service, Fax Zero allows you to send faxes online quickly and easily thanks to the intuitive user interface. After filling in the fields relating to the sender (top left) and recipient (top right), you can compose the message to be sent via fax online by attaching one or more files (documents, PDFs, images), or by composing the body of the message with the text editor present in the portal. You can send up to 15 pages per single submission.

  • 6. E-Fax

    One of the most historic Free pop faxtoday it is called eFax and allows you to send and receive faxes online from virtually anywhere, using an Internet-connected device computer, smartphone o tablet. With eFax you can add a digital signature and store unlimited faxes online in and out. In fact, it is compatible with major cloud storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive.

    Sending faxes online with eFax is pretty simple, but it’s not free. Once the 14-day free trial ends, you need to sign up for a subscription. You can choose between eFax Plus at 7.99 euros/month + VAT to send and receive 30 fax pages per month, or eFax Pro which costs 10.99 euros/month + VAT to send and receive 150 fax pages per month.

    There are three ways to send faxes online via eFax: by accessing your eFax account via the internet, by email from any email service and via the eFax smartphone application. But first you need to register and choose a fax number based on those proposed compared to current availability.

    Then select “Send fax“, enter the recipient’s fax number or select from your contact list, attach up to 10 documents and click “Send fax“. An email will confirm the correct transmission of the document.

    To send a fax via mail, access your inbox and compose a new message. Specify in the recipient field the fax number to which to send the document followed by “@efaxsend.com”. Attach the file to fax and click on “Send fax“.

    The final way to send and receive faxes with eFax is viamobile app available on iPhone and Android. With a tap on the voice “View faxes” you can open and review faxes. By pressing the “Sign fax” adds the electronic signature. All that remains is to select the recipient and press “Send“.


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