All the ways to see Netflix in 4K UHD

Netflix UHDNetflix has become the best legal streaming platform, thanks to exclusive TV series (not visible on other platforms) and movies, also available in high definition. The strengths of Netflix are the price, the rich catalog constantly updated and the apps, available for practically any known device. But if we want to properly exploit the new Ultra HD TV, we will have to push Netflix to reproduce the contents of this resolution, so as to enjoy high visual quality. In this guide, we will show you how to watch Netflix movies in UHD on all compatible TVs with 4K resolution (ie 3840 × 2160 pixels on television).
On compatible devices, Ultra HD resolution on Netflix is ​​available with HDR colors, for an even higher quality of images.

See Netflix in 4K UHD

In order to see Netflix in 4K UHD, we will have to activate the right subscription on the platform and use one of the devices listed in the various chapters. If we already have one of the mentioned devices, it will be enough to configure the Netflix account to be able to access the contents with the highest resolution.

Activate the Netflix subscription for Ultra HD

To watch movies and TV series in Ultra HD on Netflix we will need to subscribe Premium, which currently costs € 15.99 per month.
Netflix subscription

If we have already activated Netflix, we can proceed with the change of the subscription plan by taking us to the dedicated page from any Web browser on PC. We don’t have a Netflix subscription yet? We can immediately fix it by reading our dedicated guide How Netflix Italia works with streaming movies and TV series.

NOTE: To take advantage of Ultra HD streaming, and Internet line of at least 25 Megabits per second is required for download. To perform the speed test and to get a faster line, we advise you to read our articles Check the internet connection speed is Best Optical Fiber: coverage verification and offers.

App for Smart TV

The easiest and fastest way to view Netflix in 4K UHD is to install the official Netflix app on our Ultra HD Smart TV.
Smart TV

On many Samsung and LG TVs, it is already available among the predefined apps (with a dedicated button on the remote control), just select it and log in with our Premium Netflix account to get the Ultra HD right away. If we don’t see the Netflix app among those available, let’s open the app store on our Smart TV and try “Netflix” in the search field, so you can install it on your TV. On paper, all UHD TVs produced after 2015 should be compatible with Netflix at the highest quality, but we can always check on the Internet indicating the TV model in our possession.
To learn more, we recommend reading our guide Best apps for Smart TVs Samsung, LG, and Android.

Sky Decoder Q

Another very convenient way to view Netflix in 4K UHD is to use Sky Q decoder, included in all new Sky subscriptions.
Sky Q

Connecting it Sky Q Premium, lo Sky Q Black or it Sky Q Fiber to an Ultra HD TV (via HDMI) and to the home Internet, we will be able to access the Netflix catalog directly from the decoder interface, without having to open the dedicated app, however available (we will see the best Netflix content directly in the Smart Home of the Sky Q).
In this way, we can switch from Sky satellite channels to Netflix on-demand content via voice commands or remote control buttons. For more information, refer to the official Sky Q guide.

4K gaming console

If we have an Xbox One X, and Xbox One S or a PlayStation 4 Pro connected to an Ultra HD television, we will be able to access Netflix content at the highest quality without having to use other devices.
Netflix console

All we have to do is connect the console to the Internet, access the App Store inside the console and start the app search “Netflix“, so you can install it. Once installed, start it and insert the login credentials to be able to see Netflix in Ultra HD on our TV between one game session and another.

Chromecast Ultra

Do we have an Ultra HD TV without the Netflix app or a 4K monitor? In these cases, we can see Netflix in Ultra HD by connecting a Chromecast Ultra to one of the HDMI ports.
Chromecast Ultra

Once connected, simply use the Google Home app to connect it to your home Internet network and make it visible to other network devices.
Once the configuration is complete we open the Netflix app on Android or on iOS, insert the credentials for accessing our Netflix account and press on the Cast symbol, so as to combine the app with Chromecast Ultra; now we will only have to start one of the Ultra HD content to play it on the TV.
To learn more, we recommend reading our guide Which Chromecast to buy: differences between Ultra and normal.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

The alternative to Chromecast to see Netflix in 4K UHD is the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, available for € 59.
Fire TV 4K

Simply connect the dongle to an HDMI port on your 4K TV, connect it to your home Internet and start downloading the Netflix app optimized for Fire TV.
To learn more, we suggest you read our article Fire TV Stick with voice commands and 4K Ultra HD quality, on Amazon.

TV Boxes compatible with Netflix UHD

If we have a certified TV Box, we will be able to see Netflix in 4K UHD by installing the Netflix app from the store and entering the credentials inside it.
TV Box

Currently, the TV Boxes certified for Netflix in Ultra HD are:

  1. Apple TV 4K (€ 219)
  2. Nvidia Shield TV (€ 199)
  3. TIMvision (€ 114)
  4. Xiaomi Mi Box S (€ 59)
  5. Vodafone TV

Not all TV Boxes are compatible with Netflix in Ultra HD, especially Chinese ones with non-certified Android); on the latter, we will be able to install the Netflix app from the Play Store, but we will be able to view the contents at SD resolution (the lowest).
To learn more, we recommend reading our article The best apps to have on Android TV Box.


As we have seen in the various chapters, we can use different methods to view Netflix in Ultra HD, so as to take advantage of the new high-diagonal televisions with superior quality panels (especially if we bet on an OLED).
In the vast majority of cases it will be enough to install the specific app on the Smart TV, but we can also see Netflix in UHD from the game consoles, from the Sky Q decoder and on the 4K monitors (thanks to the Chromecast Ultra, the Fire Stick 4K and the TV Boxes) ).

If we are new to Netflix and want to learn how to use it, we advise you to read our two insights on Netflix tricks, functions and secret settings to know and how to Find movies and TV series by genre on Netflix.


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