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Amazon is currently the best e-commerce site in Italy, also thanks to the huge number of products on offer and thanks to the assistance always available to solve problems and reimburse users in case of problems or defects in the products purchased. Amazon is definitely the first choice when we want to buy something; in recent times, however, prices are no longer as affordable as in the past and what seems like good offers are actually “decoy” put there with a fake discount, ready to attract users. If we really want to save, what other e-commerce sites can we turn to?In this guide, we will try to answer the question posed a little while ago, illustrating to you the best alternatives to Amazon for online shopping so that we can really save and still get what we are looking for, without necessarily having to stop at the prices imposed by Amazon. We will try to show you, in particular, the sites they support PayPal as a payment method, so as to be effectively covered in case of scam or problems.

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Best alternatives to Amazon

The sites that we will show you offer an assorted catalog of appliances, electronic devices, and more, thus allowing us to be able to buy at the best price without having to wait for Amazon’s offer or availability at its warehouses. The sites that we will report to you have collected the best reviews for shipping and ease of payment so that they can also be used by novice users with online shopping.


For many eBay, it is the only real alternative to Amazon, since it has been available for many more years and offers a truly immense catalog of new products, used products, and auctioned products. eBay is accessible from the dedicated website but also via an app for Android and iPhone / iPad.

The products in Buy it now they can be sold both by private users and by shops or large distribution chains, it is up to us to choose who to trust. Generally buying from sellers with a large number of positive feedback we will get fast delivery, clear pricing, and good after-sales service. PayPal is the preferred payment system able to fully cover the expense in case of problems or packages not received.
Shipping is free on more and more products (in particular those that exceed € 50 of expenditure), but as a general rule, the shipping costs are to be paid separately and, in case of choice, it is always advisable to indicate the express courier as delivery (fast and quick).

ePRICE (Eprice SpA)

Another good alternative to Amazon for online shopping is ePRICE, available as a dedicated website and as an app for Android and iPhone / iPad.
On this site, we can find the best offers for consumer electronics but also large appliances, new PCs, notebooks, smart TVs, and more at very attractive prices. ePRICE offers an efficient express courier service (24 / 48H) and supports PayPal as a payment system along with other popular methods such as payment on delivery, credit card, and bank transfer.
Many products are offered for free delivery, while the more voluminous ones may have additional costs (including installation and first start-up).


If we want to focus on some Chinese products, the store to focus on with your eyes closed is AliExpress, accessible on the dedicated website but also via an app for Android and iPhone / iPad.

If we look for a way to save with a site that can bring together the strengths of eBay and Amazon, AliExpress is definitely the one for us. On this site, we can find thousands of products of Chinese origin for practically any sales category, from home accessories through to Smart TVs and smartphones of the most important Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Meizu, etc.
AliExpress ships from China and Hong Kong, so when completing the order you will have to choose the most suitable type of shipment: in any case, delivery times are hardly less than 15 days, to which the probable customs costs must be added. The site offers an effective buyer protection system: in case of fraud or obviously counterfeit products, it is possible to get your money back.
Unfortunately, AliExpress doesn’t support PayPal, so we will have to use a credit card (preferably prepaid) to make purchases on the site.


Another very promising site for online shopping for smartphones, home appliances, and accessories from China is Gearbest, accessible from the dedicated website and from the apps for Android and iPhone.

The site is divided into numerous categories so that we can always find the product we are looking for, even those with the highest number of requests (the site has a large number of warehouses scattered all over the world). One of the strengths of the site is the calculation of shipping costs and the time required for the arrival of each product: if the warehouse is in Europe, shipments tend to be very fast (maximum 4 days); if, on the other hand, the product is only available in China or in Hong Kong, the shipping times and costs are extended up to 15-30 days.
On Gearbest it is possible to pay with PayPal, so as to always have extra security in the event of a shipment that is too long or an object that does not meet expectations.

Groupon Shopping

Groupon is famous for the coupons they offer to access restaurants, spas, and more, but they also offer a great e-commerce site called Groupon Shopping, reachable only through the dedicated website.
Groupon Shopping
In this section of the site, we will be able to find products on offer for practically any category: clothing, electronics, entertainment, home, health and beauty, and accessories. Prices are highly competitive with discounts up to 40%, as well as shipping costs (free on some products, very low on other bulky ones). Many of the opportunities are lightning offers, so it is better to take advantage of them immediately because stocks are limited and could even end on the same day (the most searched items end up within a few hours!). Groupon accepts PayPal as a payment method, allows you to track the package from the reserved section, and provides emails for each phase of the transaction, so you always have everything under control. In addition to PayPal, it also allows you to pay directly by credit card or prepaid card.

Other valid alternatives to Amazon

If the sites seen so far are not enough to satisfy our desire for online shopping, in this part of the guide we have collected other valid alternatives to Amazon.

  • great site to buy PC components, notebooks, and products for computer modding.
  • BPM Power: site with numerous accessories, PC components, preassembled and graphics cards at low prices
  • Monclick: another very good site for buying technology and electronics products.
  • Kelkoo: good catalog of recent smartphones, with very good prices.
  • Yeppon: many products for the kitchen and for the living room at discounted prices.
  • Honorbuy: site specializing in the sale of Chinese smartphones and accessories without customs.
  • Euronics: a famous electronics chain with excellent prices on large appliances.
  • Unieuro: another famous electronic chain with lightning opportunities to be seized.
  • Expert: electronics chain with hundreds of products on offer.
  • MediaWorld: electronics chain with international reach with good prices

If we want to buy from the most famous and safest Chinese e-commerce companies, we recommend that you read our guide Most reliable Chinese store sites to buy electronics and technology.


Amazon for many users is synonymous with online shopping, but for those looking for offers and unrepeatable bargains, they must never stop on a single site: if, for example, we are looking for a new phone, it is advisable to expand the search to all the sites we have displayed above, so as to be able to compare prices and shipping methods and finally choose the one that is most convenient, sure to always have all the guarantees and protections necessary.

For those who are still skeptical about online purchases, we invite you to read our guides How to buy online safely and with the guarantee is Safer online payment systems for shopping.
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