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Amazon, a new AI tool arrives for sellers: how to change backgrounds

Artificial Intelligence is forcefully making its entry everywhere, showing its potential to all web users. Amazon certainly does not remain indifferent, introducing generative AI into the most famous e-commerce platform in the world and creating tools that are useful for users and for advertisers.

The latest tool created by Amazon and which uses artificial intelligence was designed for offer traders new tools to be able to highlight their products, capture the attention of potential customers and increase sales.

The tool works on backgrounds, allows you to give vent to your creativity and to obtain better performance. Let’s find out in detail what it is.

Amazon and AI, the new tool at the service of advertisers

A tool based on generative artificial intelligence. This is Amazon’s new introduction, which allows advertisers to say goodbye to generic wallpapers and not very appealing to be able to replace them with those generated by AI specifically for your products.

It’s about an easy to use tool, which does not require technical or graphic skills or the ability to use image editing programs such as Photoshop. Products for sale can be placed in a scene, thus making them more interesting.

Amazon will continue to work on the tool, perfecting it and avoiding irrelevant or incorrect details in the images, but already confirms its effectiveness. Clicks, with a quality background that makes the image original, can grow by 40%.

Amazon, the benefits of the AI-based tool, how it works and who can use it

Like all tools based on artificial intelligence, even the one designed and made available by Amazon can lead to problems great advantages. Advertisers can experience increased sales and revenue and create engaging catalogs without having to incur expensive expenses.

At the moment it can only be used by advertisers who have had access to the first testing phase, but in the future it will be available to all those who sell products on Amazon. After selecting an item, sellers can generate the image. The system offers different options in a few seconds.

Image creation can be refined and guided through short text suggestions. This way you get relevant results that conform to your tastes.

The feature is meant exclusively for sellers, but Amazon continues to work for users too. There are augmentations of Alexa with generative AI in testing, which could see the light of day around the world very soon.

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