Amazon, added support for passkey: goodbye to passwords?

The e-Commerce portal par excellence, that is Amazonadded support for passkey.

This system, also promoted by Google through the many tools linked to this company, it aims to offer better protection against malware and phishing attacks.

We are talking about digital credentials, capable of exploiting biometric checks e PIN connected to devices (such as phones, computers, USB sticks) to access websites. By exploiting access channels external to the network, it is much more difficult for cybercriminals to access platforms and services.

From a user’s perspective, passkeys also make logging into an account much easier, since you no longer have to use password managers or store separate passwords for each site.

Amazon and passkey: a choice to protect users from cybercriminals

Amazon recently added a new section in Your accountLogin and security settings which allows you to generate a passkey that can be used to access the site.

After clicking the button Sets up on Amazon, you will be prompted to use Windows Hello, a security key or your mobile device to generate the passkey. The management of this access mode, apparently, is still in progress testing phase: according to some users, in fact, the passkeys could not yet be used by Mozilla Firefox.

Once the key is generated, the next time you log in you are asked whether you want to enter your password or log in with a passkey. Once you have chosen the second item, you will be asked to enter a PIN and the use that will be combined with the typical passkey login procedure.

Despite this interesting introduction, it should be remembered that it is still possible to log in through passwords. In this sense, Amazon has given no signs of wanting to set aside (at least in the short term) this access method.

Certainly, as already stated, passkeys offer a greater level of security. Seeing the many threats of the contemporary Web, therefore, this solution is now almost obligatory to protect oneself adequately.


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