Amazon and generative AI: 100 million dollars invested in startups

To strengthen its presence in the context ofArtificial intelligence, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has allocated a fund of ben 100 million dollars to support startups working in the context ofGenerative AI.

AWS is a platform designed to connect different professional figures, such as data scientist, engineers e architects with potential customers and partners. In this context, such a substantial investment demonstrates how Amazon does not want to lose ground against its many competitors, focusing strongly on what is undoubtedly the sector of the moment.

Generative AI is a philosophy that sees in its maximum contemporary representations platforms such as ChatGPT e Midjourney. Compared to the old concept of Artificial Intelligence (limited to the assimilation of data and the prediction of results) the generative one allows the creation of new contents.

Applications are there for all to see, from text generation to image generation, music and more. Just the enormous potential, have given way to a sort of “gold rush” by the technological giants.

AWS and generative AI: scenarios for the near future

According to a recent McKinsey reportGenerative AI has the potential to become a da business $4.4 trillion in the context of the global economy. The entire AI industry is estimated to hit the sky-high figure of $15.7 trillion by 2030which explains Amazon’s massive investment.

Sri Elaprolu, head of the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, described the goals of the multinational a TechCrunchOur intent is to leverage the $100 million investment to advance people, technology and processes around Generative AI“.

Elaprolu also provided a look at future participants in the Generative AI Innovation Center program. Initially, AWS plans to prioritize customers who have shown some form of interest in Generative AI.

The program will focus on areas such as financial services, health care, science, media e entertainment, energy, telecommunications and many others.

The program developed by AWS includes, among other initiatives, the launch of Bedrock, a platform for building apps powered by generative AI. In collaboration with NvidiaAdditionally, AWS aims to build a futuristic infrastructure for training AI models.



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