Amazon drones for fast deliveries arrive in Europe

According to what was stated through its official channels, Amazon is ready to launch a new delivery system through drones in Europe, United Kingdom and a new city of United States not yet identified.

The project, known as Amazon Prime Airis already available in two American cities and, again according to what was stated by the most famous e-commerce in the world, it should arrive in our country towards the end of 2024.

On this occasion, Amazon also wanted to present the new model of drones that will take care of parcel delivery, namely theMK30. This should come with a longer range and quieter operation than previous devices.

Although Amazon Prime Air was announced about ten years ago, the project encountered numerous difficulties which greatly extended the launch timeline.

In the United States, at present, this service is available in two distinct locations viz College Station (Texas) e Rockford (California), with a service that allows you to obtain packages weighing up to 5 pounds (approximately 2.26 kilos) ed within one hour of placing your order. Appreciable timing, even if in the past deliveries had been promised within half an hour.

Amazon drones arrive in Europe: here’s how they will make deliveries

Amazon’s official blog left little room for interpretation regarding the launch of Prime Air in our country “We are working closely with national and international regulators and communities in the EU, Europe, the UK and the US to develop this program“.

However, all that glitters is not gold. Amazon had a goal of completing 10,000 deliveries in 2023 but apparently the number of deliveries was at a standstill in May 2023 around a hundred.

It must be said that there are also some limitations that should not be underestimated. In case of strong wind, extremely high temperatures o bad weather, drones can’t do their job. Deliveries, among other things, could be limited only to some hours of the day. Despite everything, however, the launch of the new MK30 and the opening to the British and Europen markets reveal a certain optimism on the part of the giant created by Jeff Bezos.

Finally, it should be remembered that a new delivery service will soon be tested in College Station. This, focused on medical suppliesshould guarantee deliveries of medicines to patients always within 60 minutes of the order.


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