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Amazon Echo Pop and Echo Show 5 arrive in Europe, how much they cost

Amazon also confirmed the arrival of brand new devices for the market Echo Pop e Echo Show 5.

The famous smart speakers have now become essential accessories for all those users who want to make the most of the potential of Amazon’s virtual assistance, entrusting them with a whole series of functions designed to make their home smarter.

We are talking about widely used devices, characterized by an elegant look and extremely intuitive functions, designed for use that is immediate and truly within everyone’s reach.

Let’s find out more about the Echo Pop and Echo Show 5.

The news of Amazon Echo Pop

EchoPop is the brand new Amazon smart speaker that stands out from the other devices in the catalog thanks to its renewed hemispherical design imagined to contain the 1.95-inch speaker.

As you can see, we are talking about a device from contained dimensionsperfect to be placed anywhere, even in the smallest rooms of the house which in this way will be able to benefit from all its functions without wasting space.

To underline a extremely elegant lookembellished by the indicator light which, in addition to being an aesthetic detail, warns the user when the virtual assistant is listening.

As far as functions are concerned, the device has everything it needs for make your home smart and, with the help of Alexa, can use different applications, from those for playing videos multimedia content up to the management of smart appliances.

Amazon Echo Pop is available in the colors: Lavender, Petrol Green, Anthracite e White ice at the price of 54,99 euro.

The appropriate ones custody are sold separately a 22.99 euro and are available in the colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Lilac, Purple e Fluorescent.

Finally, it is possible to fix the smart speaker to the wall of the house using the special support which can also be purchased separately at 22,99 euro.

Echo Show 5 (3rd gen), the return of a great classic

Amazon Echo Show 5 (3ยช gen) replaces the previous one smart display by Amazon, getting a new look and smart new features.

It definitely stands out new processor inside, a MediaTek MT 8169 B, which promises much higher performance than in the past.

Also interesting is the new audio compartment, also completely redesigned by the company, which greatly amplifies the sound performance of the device.

The rest of the technical equipment does not change and the device still has the display 5.5-inch touch screen with 960×480 pixel resolution and the front camera 2 MP to be used for video calls and for home monitoring.

Also for this model we find the reproduction of audio and video content from the main ones streaming platforms, full compatibility with Video calling appsmart home applications and smart appliances.

Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd gen) is available in colors Anthracite, White and Blue at the suggested price of 109,99 euro.

For those who wish, it is possible to purchase the adjustable stand which also adds USB-C charging port, available at 32,99 euro.

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