Amazon, goodbye to Android: the proprietary Vega OS arrives

Amazon, goodbye to Android: the proprietary Vega OS arrives

Amazon usually relies on a particular version of Android for its smart displays, for TVs and other products dedicated to the smart home. This inflection of the company, however, could soon be abandoned for a transition to a new proprietary operating system. It could all begin as early as 2024.

In fact, according to the main rumors, Amazon is working to have an alternative to Android for its devices. A new OS, which they internally call Vega it would have already been tested on devices dedicated to streaming from the Fire TV family. The partners would have received a communication from the giant regarding the new transition plan.

Sources very close to the company say that Amazon could start shipping its Fire TV devices with Vega on board as early as 2024.

Amazon plans to leave Android for a new proprietary operating system

The desire of the famous American company to separate itself from Google’s operating system lies in some very specific reasons. In fact, Android would not allow developers to create a larger network, useful for multiple devices and operating systems when creating different applications.

Vega on the other hand, being based on Linux, would offer just such an opportunity. All this is very important as developers would thus be able to create applications that could run on new Amazon devices and also on old hardware running Android.

The will of the leader in the e-commerce sector is therefore to completely abandon the Google operating system on all products in the future.

A new era could therefore soon open up, within which a new player in the world of operating systems could take over. The name is obviously that of Amazon and apparently the work has been underway for some time. We will certainly know more in the coming weeks.

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