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Amazon, how to hide an order and surprise those who share the account

During the Christmas period or around the birthday of a loved one Amazon represents one of the main e-commerce sites for purchasing gifts. Reference point for online shopping enthusiastsin addition to having an extremely broad catalogue, guarantees advantages that everyone wants to reap: lowest prices, special offers, fast shipping with Amazon Prime and much more. However, for those who live in the same house, live with their partner or are part of the same family, problems may arise due to account sharing.

In other words, giving a gift and a surprise when sharing your Amazon account with someone can be difficultsince the recipient can at any time monitor the orders placed or even receive a notification of the purchase or recent delivery.

There is no need to be discouraged, as there are some measures that can be implemented to hide your purchase from prying eyes and, above all, from the sight of who will receive the gift: let’s find out how to do it.

Don’t ruin the surprise, how to hide an Amazon purchase: some tips

First, you need to pay attention to some details when making a purchase on Amazon. If you share your account, you may find payment methods registered there that belong to or can be tracked by the gift recipient. Before completing the purchase, It is a good idea to make sure you have entered your data and do not make any mistakesso that no notifications can reach loved ones from home banking services.

Also worth checking the delivery address. Amazon is extremely precise and clearly indicates when a package is expected to be delivered. It is a good idea to make sure you are present at home, to avoid it being opened by the person receiving the gift, or alternatively to change the delivery address and have it delivered by complicit friends or relatives.

Furthermore, if you don’t use the Amazon Prime service, you can consider creating your own personal account, which you can access with your credentials. No one else will be able to see transactions and order lists.

How to archive an Amazon order and hide it from the list of orders placed

It is possible to archive a recently placed order and prevent this from being shown in the list of those performed in the last weeks. This is a way to prevent this from being noticed by other people you share your account with.

To do this you must connect from your browser and go to the area Returns and orders. By default, Amazon shows all orders placed in the last three months. Find the one you want to hide in the list and click Archive order and confirm your intention by clicking a second time Archive Order.

The order placed will no longer be visible in the My Orders area, but it will always be possible to find it in Archived orders.

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