What they are, what they do and how the three new devices just added to the Echo catalog work. There’s a smart speaker, a smart display and an in-car accessory, all of which can use the digital assistant Alexa and interface with the smart home.

Under the umbrella Echo, Amazon collects an entire line of smart speakers that have undergone many evolutions over the years offering an increasingly wide range of features and functionality. Echoes are designed to be placed in the home and allow users to interact with their digital assistant Alexa through voice commands.

The speaker smart initially presented, they then also became displays and hubs useful for managing the various devices connected within the smart home.

Building on sales of Alexa-enabled products that have surpassed half a billion units globally, the company chaired by Jeff Bezos today unveils three new next-generation Echo devices: Echo Pop, Echo Show 5 ed Echo Car.

Is Echo Show 5 That EchoPoppresented below, support the Matter specifications: in this way they can communicate and control the compatible devices from other manufacturers.

Echo Pop: new hemispherical design, powerful sound and innovative color options

EchoPop is the latest addition to the Echo family of devices with a hemispherical design and new color options, Lavender and Teal, for just 54.99 euros. It integrates a custom-designed front-firing speaker to deliver full sound, ideal for bedrooms, apartments or any small space in the home.

Amazon Introduces Next Generation Alexa-Powered Echo Pop, Echo Show 5, and Echo Auto

With Alexa integration, you can ask Echo Pop to read audiobooks, play podcasts, control lights and compatible smart plugs, or rearrange the essentials in your home.

Echo Show 5: New speaker system design and deeper bass

The new Echo Show 5 (3a gen) combines the usability of Alexa with the convenience of one compact screen so you can watch the news, check your Ring camera, view shopping lists, or easily make video calls with friends and family.

Amazon Introduces Next Generation Alexa-Powered Echo Pop, Echo Show 5, and Echo Auto

Amazon descrive Echo Show 5 come 20% faster compared to the previous generation and features a completely new speaker system, which improves bass performance and ensures an even clearer sound for listening to music, content Audible, videos and podcasts. It also comes with a microphone sets completely redesigned.

The device is marketed by Amazon al prezzo of 109.99 euros; the adjustable stand for Echo Show 5 with USB-C charging port is available for 32.99 euros.

Echo Auto: Compact design and flexible mounting options to enable smart features in your car

For all those users who wish to use Alexa services even in their own car, Echo Car it presents itself as a device that enables the advanced functions of the Amazon digital assistant hands-free even while driving a vehicle.

Echo Auto comes with five built-in microphonesable to identify the user’s voice and understand his requests even with music playing, air conditioning running or traffic noise.

Amazon Introduces Next Generation Alexa-Powered Echo Pop, Echo Show 5, and Echo Auto

Thanks to Echo Auto, you can therefore integrate Alexa with your car to listen to music, make phone calls, call with the Drop In on compatible Echo devices, listen to new podcasts, catch up on current news, add an appointment to your calendar or an item to your to-do list, all without ever having to take your eyes off the road.

It is also possible control smart home devices while travelling: all users can in fact ask Alexa, for example, to set the thermostat, turn off the lights, control the entrance door and much more, even when away from home.

The new Echo Auto, available for the first time in Europe even if in reality it is the second generation, is characterized by a slim design and includes an adhesive support to facilitate its positioning inside the car. The product can be purchased at the price of 69.99 euros.

Maximum attention to privacy

From Amazon it is specified that the Echo devices are designed by leveraging different elements that look to the protection and control of one’s own privacy.

All Echoes include a dedicated button to activate and mute the microphones and the ability to verify and delete voice recordings.

Additionally, Echo Show devices are equipped with camera covers integrated.

More information on this can be found on the Alexa Privacy Hub.

All of the new devices announced today by Amazon boast the “badge” Climate Pledge Friendly and they are certified Carbon Trust. 99% of the packaging of the devices are made from wood fiber-based materials from sustainably managed forests or recyclable sources, while the tissue by Echo Pop and Echo Show 5 (3a gen) is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn.

Echo Pop and Echo Show 5 come with a energy saving mode to reduce energy consumption when they are not in operation and ensure the economical use of energy when they are active and in use.


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