Amazon Music introduces playlists created with AI, how Maestro works

Amazon Music has decided to follow the path already undertaken in recent weeks by its main competitor, Spotify, focusing on artificial intelligence and leveraging its potential to offer exciting new features on the platform. To be precise, he chose to allow playlist generation through AI.

The new feature is called Maestro and it could soon be spread to all users who use Amazon Music to listen to their favorite songs on a daily basis. Let’s find out the detailsrelease times and how it might improve the listening experience.

Maestro, the new Amazon Music feature based on artificial intelligence

Mestro is an AI-powered feature which will be visible, unless changed, on the platform’s homepage. It is a tool that allows Automatic playlist creation and, therefore, to discover new songs and new artists in line with one’s own tastes and with one’s own sentiment of the moment.

To access it, it will be enough click the button that appears on the home screen. The user will then have to provide a text prompt in which it tells the platform and the AI ​​the type of playlist it wants to obtain. The prompt can also be said aloud.

You can request a playlist suitable for listening during a certain activity, for example while playing sports or while drawing, one that includes certain sounds or songs, one that can be played when you feel a specific emotion, for example when you are sad or when you are happy. And so much more: the only limit is the imagination of the users.

Master is ready to handle any type of request, even the strangest ones or those made using only emojis. Prompts may not use profanity, offensive language, or make inappropriate requests.

It’s about an advanced technology, but still to be perfected and in some cases, very few according to Amazon, Maestro may not be able to provide coherent and satisfactory answers from the first prompt.

Maestro of Amazon Music, when the new AI function will be implemented

At the moment, Maestro is in testing phase and is only available to a small number of users who use Amazon Music in the United Kingdom and United States of America. If there are no problems and unexpected events that are difficult to resolve and after Amazon has collected the necessary feedback, the launch will be spread to a greater number of people around the world.

Maestro will be compatible with both devices supported by the iOS operating system and those equipped with Android and available only for those using the Amazon Music app.

Currently, Amazon is planning to offer some benefits for Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers, who will be able to listen to, save and immediately share entire playlists created with Maestro with other users. Prime members and those who use the platform for free will only be able to listen to 30-second previews before deciding whether they like what has been generated and saving the playlist.

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