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Amazon packages at rock-bottom prices on Facebook: how to avoid the scam

In the vast galaxy of online dangers, a scam comes back cyclically threaten Facebook usersattracting them with the prospect of incredible deals: Unclaimed Amazon packages sold at ridiculously low prices. However, behind this tempting promise there is a well-thought-out scam hiddenknown by the English name of “brushing” (in Europen “brushing”), which puts wallet and personal data at risk. And more importantly, Amazon is not at fault.

How the Amazon social parcel scam works

It all starts on Facebook, where they appear sponsored posts advertising the sale of Amazon packages remaining undelivered. One of these announcements states that every year, in Amazon warehouses, yes they accumulate many unclaimed packages. According to the rules, instead of throwing them away, Jeff Bezos’ giant decides di distribute them randomly for just €2.95. You can receive surprises such as an iPhone, a vacuum cleaner or other products in one package.

At this point the invitation is to click on a link. These posts are often accompanied by images of pallets full of products, with banners such as “Unclaimed parcels. Distribution and liquidation”. In the comments, dozens of users declare themselves delightedstating that they received smartphones and appliances in excellent condition.

However, when you click on the link you find yourself on a website that tries to imitate the Amazon look roughly. Here, you are asked to take a short survey, followed by a small one game in which you have to choose between three mysterious packages, and once the choice is made, the contents of the package will finally be revealed. But be careful, to get the prize (which could be a vacuum cleaner, a coffee machine or something else) you need it enter all our details, including bank details, within two minutes. This is a clear sign of a scam: brushing is ready to strike and drain your current account.

The unmistakable signs of a fake offer

There are several indicators that should warn users. First of all, Amazon doesn’t usually make this type of offer via social media without mentioning them on its official pages. He even created an information page that explains how to defend yourself from these scams. Furthermore, it is It is always wise to refrain from clicking on links of dubious originespecially when it comes to financial transactions.

Another signal the comments under the post are worth keeping an eye on. If everyone seems too enthusiastic and grammatically incorrect, something is probably wrong. This is reminiscent of the phenomenon of fake product reviews on Amazon and other marketplaces. Additionally, the website you land on once you click on the link usually looks great approximate both from a graphic and linguistic point of viewan unmistakable sign of scam.

The psychological deception that claims victims on Facebook

This scam is designed to exploit human psychology. Initially, a tempting offer is presented that is difficult to resist. Then you are asked to participate in a survey and a game that asks you to collaborate in some way, which can make you believe you have a chance of winning. In the end, there is a sense of urgency: only those who enter all the data in two minutes will be able to obtain an entire pallet of products.

This mechanism is the key to understanding why this Amazon abandoned package scam continues to claim victims on Facebook. It will be good to remember, the next time you come across the promise of incredible deals online, that it may not be as it seems. Therefore pay attention to the warning signs for avoid ending up in the brushing net.

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